Hi All,

Grew up in Adelaide but never cycled there. 

Whats the best route from Crafers to Blackwood to Mitcham?

Google Maps is suggesting as follows:

Mt Lofty Summit Road, Waverley Ridge Road, Sheoak Road, Saddle Hill Road, The Valley Drive, Creek Road, Upper Sturt Road then Lavery Road to Main Road. 

This will be done in the middle of a week day (this coming Friday)

From Blackwood is it best to drop down Belair Road? Have driven it hundreds of times but can’t picture cyclists on it. 

Many thanks and happy cycling 

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The route isn't bad but you can do a couple of detours. When you exit Belair National Park, go across Upper Sturt Rd to Pine Lodge Drive and left on Bermuda Way, a shared trail will take you along Minno Ck to near the eastern side of the Blackwood railway station at Forest Ave. I think it is reasonably well signposted but haven't used it for a few months.

To descend from Belair there is a sealed path called the Lynton Path, starting off Caroline Drive that runs off Gloucester Ave Belair. It's very steep in the middle section but should get you to Springbank Rd without much traffic. Not sure if this link will work for you but the Lynton path is shown on google maps.

Thank you Jilden that is most helpful. Had no idea about the sealed path from Blackwood to Mitcham - very much appreciated.

I was planning to climb Greenhill Road. I read that outside of peak hour it’s fairly quiet. Looking to do it around 11 am. What’s the road like?

I don't think that Greenhill Rd is a safe ascent at any time of day, it's a bit of a race track with nowhere to get off. If you're not riding up the SE freeway bike track from the Tollgate to Crafers, I would suggest Norton Summit Rd and via Woods Hill Rd to Summit Rd and over Mt Lofty.

Jilden, Forest Avenue is nowhere near Blackwood station. Do you East Terrace or Elm Street?

It depends where in Blackwood Chris want to go. If his goal is just to go through the Blackwood/Belair area to get back down to Mitcham, he might as well head straight up Laffers Road from Belair National Park.

As for Blackwood down to Mitcham, I used to live that way and never minded going down Belair Road or Old Belair Road, because bikes do a similar speed to cars anyway. It's uphill where those roads get hair-raising; and if I still lived that way I would prefer Lynton Path for uphill only.

p.s. I grew up in that area and so did a guy my age called Chris Hill...

Well I'm only going by google maps. Link. Forest Ave, Acacia Rd, Acorn Rd, Elm St. I've ridden it many times, it's a bit of a steep climb but it's the hills after all. A quick and safe access to the Blackwood roundabout.

My apologies, I was looking at the east side of Minno Creek and Watahuna Ave. I didn't realise that the little road on the west side of Minno Creek (which is really a completely different road) was also called Forest Ave.

Out of interest, is that (Forest Ave) where you cross Minno Creek?

I usually cross Minno Creek at Minno Reserve, there's a wide pedestrian bridge there.

Yes, I was going to say I would prefer to cross there, than at Forest Ave.

From the park I would come up Sir Edwin Avenue, along Sheoak to Old Belair road and down that, based on

1) The surface is better than New Belair Rd (windy point)

2) You can travel at traffic speed.

3) It takes less than 5 minutes to descend

4) Taking old belair rd vs James road avoids the give way sign.

5) The Edwin ascent is gentler than Laffers rd and done away from traffic.

I live off Old Belair Rd, happy to ride down it, I wont ride up it. And with the CFS we have turned out to a few Cyclist accidents  going down New Belair /windy point, (none going up it), nothing on Old Belair, since I joined in 2005. Your mileage may vary!

Yes, that is a nice alternative. However I think it would also be ok (and shorter) to take James Road (right turn off Sheoak Road), because I don't think the "James Road gives way to Old Belair Road" issue would be much of a problem in the middle of the day. But your local knowledge is better than mine!


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