Found a crack in my new bikes frame when I got home from Stirling today..

There definately looks like a crack there, but also looks like there might be a scratch, whether that is part of the crack I dont know, I did drop the bike on the way up the hill, at 2klm per hour or so, but I doubt the head stem was damaged there...

Oh well, a trip to the LBS first thing..

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Allan what brand is your bike? I'm compiling an ever growing list of bikes NOT to buy later this year.

I'm sure if you check all the forums, you may never ride again :)

All manufacturers have a dud batch every now and then. I think it's better to check with people that have had warranty claims to see what the service was like.

What are your parameters for not buying a brand? Unfortunately every manufacturer has frames that brake and every frame will brake eventually through fatigue. If you went through any workshops database you will see all brands represented. In the last month we have had a fair spread of brands. If I had to chose a bike based on not broken frames I would be on a department store bike. After sales service should be a key parameter and how well a brand (not just the store you bought it from) backs the product. IMHO of course

Bottecchia, no need to put this one on your list, turns out it was only a scratch which they happily buffed out for me....

I feel for you Allan, I only got my bike back yesterday after 4 weeks of no riding.

Hope its not a Pinarello 

Doesn't look like a Pinarello head tube Rob... what are you riding?

I think it looks like a carbon fiber frame which, FWIW, in my relatively recent experience it doesn't look like a crack but a gouge in the top coat.  Carbon fiber tends to "fracture" leaving a not-so-neat jagged crack.  By all means get it checked out (its not worth the risk), but I wouldn't be surprised if you're riding on Friday.

Bike looks like a Bottechia 8TAVIO to me, might be wrong. Bad luck, hope it works out well.

Spot on, thank heavens, it all turned out to be just a mere scratch, buffed out now and all good....


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