Stephen Yarwood's defeat is a big blow for a forward-thinking approach to people-orientated cities, especially for mobility and access.
However, while Martin Haese is clearly coming from the old fashioned viewpoint of retailers that they MUST have car parking as close as possible to their shopfront, it must be remembered that Mayors do not vote at the Council meetings, unless to break a tie. There are some new faces on the Adelaide City Council, including Robert Simms, and Priscilla Corbell and Alex Antic. Natasha Malani has been returned, and she is a strong voice for reason.
Martin Haese strikes me as an intelligent person, who has come from a retail/entrepreneurial background, and he will find that his position will involve a lot of networking and discussion with all stakeholders. It will be crucial to present cycling transport issues from the economic angle, in an economic frame, at all times. There is plenty of data to make the case.
Moreover, there are macro-economic factors and geo-political factors beyond the control of the ACC, so he and the Council will have to think outside the square, beyond the "mainstream" business-like-the-1990s ideas in order to continue to have the support of the retail sector. If it can be shown strongly enough that more cars creates an economic drain on the City, then the policies will be developed towards solutions that DON'T have a high economic cost.

Meanwhile, the State Govt has recieved the recommendations from the Citizens Jury. There are some good recommendations in there, look them up! There will be an official announcement of response from the Govt in January, at TDU time. There are several recommendations concerning local governments.

Obviously all Councils have a role to play, especially the ones adjacent to the ACC. NPSP will be implementing its Bike Strategy bit by bit, and the State Govt has committed to creating the bike route along Beulah Rd, and Braund Rd in Prospect. The Mayor of NPSP is one of two Mayors on a LGA Metro Cycling working group - I'd be very interested to hear back from Gemma Kernich how that first meeting went. While the Mayor of NPSP is not a bike rider as far as I know, our newly elected Council now has at least 3 active bike riders on it - which makes a big difference! And our whole Council is unanimous in its support for cycling.

SO - it is NOT time to start mourning the advances made in safe cycling in Adelaide! It is time to keep working harder, and to speak in a language that works for everyone - for the next four years, that is the language of economic return, and cost/benefit/analysis.

Go for it.

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Well said Sophia!

Some pro-cycling candidates were elected around SA. More info on AC group Vote For Cyclists. Look for link to file in second intro section at

Thank you Sophia for putting a positive slant on the ACC results, your encouragement and words are well put.


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