Just finished reading the newly published report Public Spaces and Public Life about Adelaide which is chock-a-block full of goodies. Carefully analysed, great comparisons, perfect examples and terrific suggestions and solutions. Well worth a read.

Page 100 and 101 are the hightlights for me:


"Along key streets, bicycle links in terms of raised (or by other means separated) bicycle paths should be created to promote safety and comfort for the bicyclists."



Introduce designated bicycle paths on the ‘safe’ side of parked cars - close to the footpath and next to possible on-street parking or traffic lanes to promote safety. "

which to me is the single most import message in the report.

I can only hope that the report doesn't get to collect dust like the report from 2002 mostly did (which is also rather diplomatically highlighted)

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thanks Jan for reminding us how far we have to go.  It is amazing that we are still debating these issues when there are so many examples of better practice around the world.  My favourite comes from the state of Hessen in Germany:


We can learn a lot from their integration of urban and rural bikeways and how they are promoted.

Our citizens need to be demanding this from our three levels of government.


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