Nothing to add to this. The presentation says it all. Also remember to listen to the Q and A. Very relevant questions with brilliant answers  

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and a relevant podcast with lots of strong opinions about MHL

and another intersting article if vod/podcast are too lengthy

I've only managed to watch 20 minutes so far but it is really very good. I am assuming the lecture is part of Velo-City 2012 in Vancouver. We are hosting next year's so here's hoping we get speakers like these.

Definitely worth the investment time wise to watch this. How's this for gallows humour? Quoted from the presentation "Cyclists. Live longer. Die quicker."

TA, +1. Perhaps I will think about something else, like Wattsy's logo that was something like "Cyclists never age. They just get a triple."

Funny how they mentioned the importance of maintenance, they took a photo of a tractow plowing a cycleway. Very much reminded me of how people often use the weather excuse in order to justify not cycling... '

Doesn't seem to fly over there. 

Then there's the rule that requires taxi's to have bike racks. We have been struggling to get them on buses. 

Bike racks on some taxis would encourage less experienced cyclists to ride further. Knowing that a mobile phone call can bring rescue after a puncture, bike breakdown or exhausted cyclist.

I spoke with Rachel Sanderson, Member for Adelaide, who sees merit in bike racks on public buses and the first route to be the Adelaide Hills. However, she is not in the governing party. Patrick Conlon, Minister for Transport, vetoed this a few years ago at a BISA AGM.

Personally I don't think bike racks on buses will work. I believe they existed on 'country' buses in Denmark when I was a kid, but the shear fact that a busload of passengers have to wait for 1 person to load/unload a bike doesn't work in a city environment. The buses stop way to frequent in SA. In Copenhagen it feels a lot smoother/faster to go by bus, dedicated buslanes, no bus stops in bike tracks (but bike riders to have to stop for bus passengers offloading), room for 2 prams/wheelchairs (bus lowers hydraulically to the ground), all with wireless internet etcetc.

The ideas about making it mandatory for taxis it a lot better idea. Only the passenger waits and pays (a flat fee of 5$ in Denmark), it only requires a bike rack (that doesn't take up any space in the boot) that slides on a 'base' semi permanently mounted on the tow bar.

Again the difference is that the average dane rides a bike that might not cost more than 200-800$ and is the daily work horse hence it doesn't matter if it gets a bit scratched hanging on two metalpoles dangling around.


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