I'm putting together a case to encourage concrete companies to avoid driving with unsecured loads when transporting concrete.

If you know of any location where concrete has hardened on road after been dropped from a cement truck, can you post the location or photo on this thread..

The below pic is from King William and Hindley.

For those that don't know about why this happens..

Cement trucks hold the cement in by reversing the Cement Barrel which pulls the cement to the front of the truck by a screw channel. this method works ok except for when the truck is going up hill or taking off from the lights too quickly. If this happens the concrete flows backward out of the barrel and then directed to the left of the road.

When wet it creates an expensive splatter hazard for cars and bikes paintwork.

when hardened it becomes a permanent cycling hazard, especially when they are located at the base of a climb.

My hope is to get enough photos to hopefully encourage trucks to put an overspill bag on their trucks rather than leaving it for councils to clean up.

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On Winery Rd, Currency Creek on the Eastern climb out of Tookayerta Creek across from the winery.
Always plenty there. Will try to grab a photo for you. Thanks for taking the problem on :-)


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