My brother and many training guides I read are big proponents of compression clothing, tights, for post ride recovery.

Are they worth it for someone who might ride a few kms on a weekend and a bit in the week. What benefits to they provide and what are good.

Brand, length, compression amount and will they make me feel like Robin Hood if I'm not actually riding.

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And most importantly, If you are wearing them under jeans, Make sure you wear a belt! Otherwise you'll be walking around like some try hard Gangster with you jeans halfway down you butt :p

haha. I had no belt last night and was told by a family member that my tag from my skins was showing outside my jeans. #embarrassing

I have bought Skins, 2XU and Performax branded compression clothing. By far the Skins and 2XU brands work the best. 

A lot will claim it does nothing for them, but for me after a hard ride or if I suffered from an cramps during a ride, I wear my full skins tights for about 12-24 hours after and find that I do not have any soreness the next day. 

It just speeds up the recovery process for me. Legs feel fresher, and Im not complaining about how sore I am for days on end.

I'm with Shav on this one. The skins are comfy, easy to get on and work well. The 2XU are comfy, slightly more difficult to get on, but have a more even compression. 

The downside to both of this is they are quite expensive in this country. For example the 2XU mens compression tights are $199 here, $156 from the US website (2XU) and only $112 from a well known cycling website with a lot of orange. I did buy both my skins and 2XU locally, but probably won't next time. 

I recently bought a new pair of A200 Skins from Chain Reaction for $70 delivered to AUS. The 2XU stuff is harder to find for a cheaper price. It does look better than Skins and possibly offers more compression than Skins, but at the price you have to buy them for over Skins, I don't think it's worth it.

the logos still fall off :)

I had a pair of the first recovery Skins when they first came out and yes the logo came off within days of wearing them. With the new A200's I have worn them 3-4 times and the logo hasn't yet shown signs of fatigue or wanting to peel off. I will keep an eye on it. But I have read Skins are improving in that regard. The 2XU's logo on my half tights are still going strong after many outings. I've even swam in the sea with them and they still look like new.

Interesting points of view of the efficacy of these. My wife works with a lot of (what I would call rational) people who swore blind that holographic wrist bands really did improve your balance and performance. Just saying. 

I can understand the skeptical opinion. But compression wear has been around a lot longer than those wrist bands. In saying that, I believe compression wear produces greater results as a recovery garment than a performance improver. More like a preventative for injury during activity and recovery.

compression clothing - cant comment, compression bandages - plenty of experience :)

All interesting stuff and it seems most are in favour, but are they worth the price? Might have to out them on the birthday list.

Thanks all.


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