Hi All,

Just as a matter of curiosity - for those who commute by bike, how far do you ride, and roughly where from/to?

How far do you think becomes impractical to ride on a regular or semi-regular basis?


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I think it will likely be a nice sunny weekend afternoon in November by the time I get round to trying it. Thank you for the advice that there really is a better way than the Expressway. I've been in a car along there a few times lately thinking that I really wouldn't enjoy riding along it but had no idea of any alternatives, and there are enough signs to suggest the designers intended cyclists to use it (as Glen said).

Thanks for the route advice. I did a 70km round trip this afternoon to Port Adelaide. I realised I would run out of daylight too soon to go all the way to Semaphore since I'd done other things that needed doing in the morning and early afternoon before taking the fun time.

I will go back and study your advice(s) for the best ways through the back of Port Adelaide, as I didn't take a marked up map and I'm not sure I chose an optimal route because I didn't reread this post today either, but I stayed off busy roads, and will definitely do it again sometime. Cormack Road was definitely a nicer ride than the Expressway looks.

I ride 15.5 km each way from West Croydon to Modbury. It takes about 10 minutes longer than it does to drive on the way up and about the same amount of time on the way down.
A good week is riding 5 days out of 5, but I generally do 3/5.
After a coming together with a barina a few years ago I tried taking the Torrens linear park instead, it increased my ride distance to 19.5km and decreased my average speed considerably.

Bike rider mainly Road from way back but just got back after a few years. 

Ride a deep tread hybrid for road holding. Not as much road resistance as a Mountain but a lot more than a Road Bike. You can forget those fixed wheel city cycles. Rode fixed wheel in my youth as that's all you could afford then, and the gloss wears off unless you only have to go down to the cafe to pose as a sophisticated urbanite. Probably go to a roadie with flat bars later.

Back commuting again after shifting closer to work. Did'nt fancy going cross town from my old place as there were minimal W Suburbs cross city bike tracks and too many idiots driving/parking on the bike lanes. Some clown was parked on Greenhill Road Wayville last night - bike lane and a clearway at 5.30 pm. Did my peddle scratch your paintwork - joking only but...

Do 6 Km  from Plympton to Wayville in the morning. Go along the Seaford train line in the morning - fairly quiet streets as they have left hand turns at rail crossings and on the bike tracks, then come out at Wayville along the showgrounds. Did anyone else go to the free breakie Thursday morning for the Anzac Highway underpass now open?

Home if the weather is good especially in daylight saving I go down the bike lane along the Tram Line to Glenelg and then back home - so probably 10-12 Ks. Not a morning person for exercise.

When I commute depends upon the weather and season and whether I have to lug my laptop home( i have a park at work and some people cant understand why I prefer bike most days now - 28 and sunny hallo why would you sit in a tin can). Not as keen in Wet weather and the dark. Waited until August before starting but will see next winter.

17k Semaphore to Glenelg, so 34k round trip. I ride daily, regardless of weather ('whether' it's nice out or not). This is only practical because I can shower and change at work.

How far you can ride on a regular basis depends on how committed/nuts you are and how much time you can give to your commute. That's probably about it really.

I'm commuting to the city from Stirling next week :o)

So do any AC members just do a lazy 4-8k commute or does everyone Everest before breakfast?

i have a 1km commute, usually ride longer on the way home

Normally it's only 8kms - next week I'm house-sitting.

So how's the commute from Stirling this week? More importantly, how's the commute back?

Down going in, up going home - you'll enjoy that!

You should be huffing and puffing as much each way, sweat included .. ho ho

Commuting city-Belair I get the Windy Point climb when my blood sugar and enthusiasm are both hitting their low point for the day.

Tho still better than sitting in the car in traffic.


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