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The Bicycle Institute of SA and Adelaide Cyclists are sponsoring a ride to celebrate our great city and promote better bicycle policies and infrastructure throughout Adelaide. This Community Ride to Celebrate Adelaide's Future spring ride is on Sunday 17th October starting at Whitmore Square for a 50min CBD sojourn and ending up at Botanic Park. Details and updates of the event and the route are available at the BISA website http://www.bisa.asn.au/ and the event here.


There are a number of great things about this ride, firstly we have Stephen Yarwood as our guest speaker. Stephen is running for Lord Mayor of Adelaide and among his policies for Adelaide is a pro cycling agenda which for us is something of a miracle to behold if it comes true. You can learn more about Stephen Yarwood at his website below.




Another great thing is that we are going to celebrate various spots in the city and spots which have vast potential for improvement. We have designed our route to showcase areas like Rundle St, and the River Torrens precinct, Gouger St and Renew Adelaide shops which are now springing up in previously vacant shops around Adelaide. We also highlight the places where we need improvement such as Hindley St, a street with glorious old buildings but needing of a new direction. The redevelopment of Adelaide Oval will also get a mention. If you are interested in keeping up with Renew Adelaide another fellow activist organisation, have a look at their website below.




Then the other great thing is that we are going to enjoy ourselves with this Spring ride celebration our of city with Spring Fashion prizes, Spring time music at the end, and a Spring BYO community picnic at Botanic Park for those who want to stay on and enjoy.


So BISA and Adelaide Cyclists really need your support on the day, we need a big turnout as the eyes of the media will be watching us. Download the flyer here and print it out or send it on to your friends to help spread the word. We want to demonstrate to decision makers that we want better bicycle infrastructure and we want Adelaide to be transformed into a cycling and pedestrian city, we're tired of cars having everything. Stephen Yarwood is already talking the talk and many other local government councillors and mayoral candidates from throughout Adelaide who share similar views on cycling will be in attendance for the ride as well. The local government elections for all of Adelaide will be held in November, they are not compulsory, but local councils have a great impact on our lives and we urge you to think about voting and voting for a cycle friendly candidate, you never know what could happen in your neighbourhood. 






Alan Sanderson

BISA committee member

PS - some of the above views are my own, but I'm sure widely held!


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If the weather is anything like today it's be a great event. There has been a lot of work put into this day (thanks Alan an Sophia among many) which may become a regular event on the spring cycling calendar.

I hope everyone can get there and support cycling friendly councils and candidates. Please tell your friends and colleagues.
Angus, realise that Stephen Yarwood will be there, but will there be other pro-cycling candidates to meet? Otherwise I will continue door knocking in my council area to encourage residents to vote, and for candidates who support cycling and the environment, among other issues.

Angus knows that I formed the group Vote For Cyclists this weekend. Thanks Angus for making the site look professional. When Angus answers my two emailed questions, I will promote the site to candidates, cyclists and environment carers.
I can't wait for the BISA Community Ride!

Heather, there will be other pro-cycling candidates there, myself among them. I have nominated for Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council, in the Maylands/Trinity Ward. I will be posting on your new group "Vote for Cyclists" shortly, as well as putting a general announcement on Adelaide Cyclists. I have only just got back from a week interstate, so I am still in catch-up mode, but you can expect more information soon from my neck of the woods. I will get together a list of other pro-cycling candidates that I am aware of, too.
Hi Heather

We anticipate there will be many like minded cycle friendly councillors and Lord Mayor candidates from throughout Adelaide coming to this event. Stephen Yarwood is obviously our high profile guest speaker but he is actively encouraging like minded councillors from throughout Adelaide to come along as this event is about obtaining better cycling policies and infrastructure throughout Adelaide, not just Adelaide City Council. This is an important event for the up coming council elections and if you can encourage candidates and others that you know that would be great. We anticipate at the end of the ride in Botanic Park there will be time given to those councillors present to show themselves and for informal conversation to occur between them and cyclists present in their council areas. We may also have some State MP's along as well. This is a call to arms for cyclists and pedestrians too that we are tired of having inadequate policy and infrastructure in comparison to cars, and that we want to send a message to local government and others that we do vote. Your help in promoting this event Heather would be much appreciated.
Thanks Alan
At least three pro-cycling candidates will be there: Stephen Yarwood ACC, Sophia McRae NPSP and Eric Nicholson ACC. Can you provide any more names?
Hi Heather

The candidate profiles and policies are to posted I think tomorrow? on council websites, we will then know who to try to attract to our event. I've spoken to a few candidates in my local area and they sounded keen so I have no doubt that we are going to get a good turnout. If candidates want the votes of cyclists I have no doubt they will show up!! So if you know of pro cycling candiates from your council area please encourage them to come along, I'll will probably be emailing them as well anyway to make sure.

Thanks Alan
Don't know if this would be of interest but Councillor Graeme Denholm (correct spelling) for Tea Tree Gully Council favours zero alcohol when driving and is or was the president of a national org campaigning for this. Down side is that the pub bike would become extinct.
Thanks Clive

I'll keep him mind, I'll have a look at his candidate statement and policies.
Please keep the suggestions coming for cycle friendly candidates who must be there on the day!
Saw some election posters today in Hawker St. Craig Auricht is campaigning as a local independent in Hindmarsh. Craig is also a member of AC
Thanks Clive
I'll make sure I'll email him to come along and post in the vote 1 cyclists forum. The candidate profiles are now up in the LGA website
Hi Heather

Not withstanding a rainy deluge, I will be there. Bruce Hull, Marion Council Candidate. Straight back to letterboxing, yep on my bike.
Clive, I would support a candidate who campaigned for zero BAC for drivers.

Road safety forums are being conducted, with submissions closing on 22-Oct-2010. There is a DTEI email address for submissions. My recollection is it is the general one of dtei.enquiriesadministrator@sa.gov.au so include an appropriate email title.

Anyway, my submission concentrated on decreasing the hazards for vulnerable road users. This included:
Zero BAC — 40% of fatally injured drivers have blood alcohol over 0.05 and then there are the injuries, including to passengers. Plus other road users and victims who were unaware that a drunk driver was nearby until too late. Some drivers are underestimating alcohol consumption and its effect on driving. Reduce permitted BAC for drivers to zero.


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