I, Kristina Barnett,  am wondering who has removed me from Prospect BUG membership and Vote for Cyclists 2010  & 2014 group?  I had no idea I was no longer a member -who makes that decision and why wasn't I notified?  On what basis is one no longer a member? Is it because the administrator decides?

I have contributed by posts at various times and been very supportive of cyclists in my role as an elected member, Prospect Council.  I've just promoted to my residents network about Prospect Council's  Bike Friendly Forum on 12 Sept 2018 (community members, residents, Elected Members and key stakeholders  to engage in discussion about what ultimately they would like to see in a bike friendly community in City of Prospect).

I have been alerted to a post about me (in my role a Cr Kristina Barnett) by Heather Administrator of Prospect Bug that apparently I am no longer a member of Prospect BUG when an article written by a Prospect Council staff member mentioned in Prospect Council Winter Magazine that .."Cr Kristina Barnett was recognised for 30 years’ service to local government Cr Barnett is heavily involved in the Prospect community and has participated in many community groups over the years, including her current involvement with:

  • Friends of Prospect Library
  • Prospect Local History Group
  • Prospect Residents’ Association (events)
  • Prospect Community Garden & Local Environment Group
  • Prospect Bicycle User Group"

My latest post to Prospect BUG was:

 have reported this on 27 January 2018 and to Prospect Council online complaints and to the Director Infrastructure & Environment and to the Mayor. Regards Cr Kristina Barnett

Added by Kristina Barnett to Prospect BUG at 22:49 on January 27, 2018


Information about Kristina Barnett, candidate for Area Councillor, Prospect Council Elections 2010

Hullo. I've recently returned to bicycle riding and ride an Alamode CRS City bicycle and am mainly a weekend rider until I get more confidence in riding around Prospect. etc

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Running a bicycle user group and participating therein can be a difficult and challenging task, certainly not without its pitfalls and risks. I'd like to offer a very brief general comment on my experience as a humble participant in what has thus far proved to be a very successful Bicycle User Group here in Port Adelaide/Enfield. It may assist Prospect BUG members grapple with the development of your own group.

The PortBUG has now been around for over 3 decades. It is a strikingly 'informal' group while at the same time being (most of the time) able to operate with quite a deal of consistency and capacity to respond to and participate in planning and related advocacy activities. It does this by being (I think) relatively clear about what is required to achieve what we are aiming at.

We have 2 'official' roles - a Convenor (who acts as Chair at meetings and as a sort of figurehead in other contexts) and a Secretary, who takes care of most written, recording and communication tasks (including web stuff) on behalf of the BUG. We have two groups of participants - a general mailing (and now facebook) list of interested citizens with whom the BUG communicates via blog and f/b group posts, and a much smaller group of 'activists' who attend monthly meetings, participate in agenda-based discussions and undertake a range of related tasks.

We get by without a constitution of membership records and other complications (although we do have an agreed statement of purpose as well as a draft 'Active Transport Manifesto' at our web site). We consider our 'membership' to be those we feel we can say we represent directly - those who have signed up to our blog and f/b lists. But we also feel that our 'membership' is now sufficiently large (several hundred) that we can also say we seek to represent the PA/E Community.

It's important to note that we do not claim to represent 'cyclists' or a discrete group within the community. What we seek to represent is the idea of cycling and the idea of Active Transport. to this extent we would argue that we represent the interests of the whole community - at least to the extent that these ideas have value and significance for the whole PA/E Community! We feel that this is an important distinction for a couple of reasons:

  • it distinguishes the BUG from a 'club' and...
  • it suggests that our role is more 'idea' than 'constituent' oriented.

We've found that it's much more challenging to try to discount an idea than it is to dismiss or discount individuals. And we believe that Active Transport is an idea whose time has come! 

So the relevance of this account to the discussions that have occurred above? I can only suggest that we have found it crucial for our BUG:

  • to be seen as more than one individual. It's seems important to have at least a handful of active participants participating in regular (if not routine) activities and according to some sort of annual planning process. 
  • to operate in a regular annual planning process with our Council
  • to have a common goal with Council in the implementation of out Local Area Bike Plan (running on a 5-year cycle)
  • to report on the outcomes of these planning and decision making processes on a regular basis (you can read these reports at our regular blog posts and at our new f/b group)
  • to at all costs avoid falling into conflict with Council officers (and where possible Councillors).

This last point is sometimes difficult to negotiate, but the old adage of 'picking your battles' and figuring out what is important applies! We've found that our small world within PA/E runs very much on positive relationships! 

The PortBUG seems to have just enough 'structure' to provide consistency and credibility while also allowing sustained effort and input to Council planning processes within the (very definite) bounds of voluntary participation. We all have our limitations and having more than one person at our 'core' also allows us to support one another, particularly at times of stress or disagreement. We feel that this greatly assist our capacity to make considered judgements as a result!

I would never say that there's any single 'right' to conduct BUG activities. I can only offer the above as one particular approach that - thus far - has proved relatively successful. Hope these observations help..

Sam (Sec, PortBUG).

Thanks Sam, an interesting read that would appear to be great advice.



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