I, Kristina Barnett,  am wondering who has removed me from Prospect BUG membership and Vote for Cyclists 2010  & 2014 group?  I had no idea I was no longer a member -who makes that decision and why wasn't I notified?  On what basis is one no longer a member? Is it because the administrator decides?

I have contributed by posts at various times and been very supportive of cyclists in my role as an elected member, Prospect Council.  I've just promoted to my residents network about Prospect Council's  Bike Friendly Forum on 12 Sept 2018 (community members, residents, Elected Members and key stakeholders  to engage in discussion about what ultimately they would like to see in a bike friendly community in City of Prospect).

I have been alerted to a post about me (in my role a Cr Kristina Barnett) by Heather Administrator of Prospect Bug that apparently I am no longer a member of Prospect BUG when an article written by a Prospect Council staff member mentioned in Prospect Council Winter Magazine that .."Cr Kristina Barnett was recognised for 30 years’ service to local government Cr Barnett is heavily involved in the Prospect community and has participated in many community groups over the years, including her current involvement with:

  • Friends of Prospect Library
  • Prospect Local History Group
  • Prospect Residents’ Association (events)
  • Prospect Community Garden & Local Environment Group
  • Prospect Bicycle User Group"

My latest post to Prospect BUG was:

 have reported this on 27 January 2018 and to Prospect Council online complaints and to the Director Infrastructure & Environment and to the Mayor. Regards Cr Kristina Barnett

Added by Kristina Barnett to Prospect BUG at 22:49 on January 27, 2018


Information about Kristina Barnett, candidate for Area Councillor, Prospect Council Elections 2010

Hullo. I've recently returned to bicycle riding and ride an Alamode CRS City bicycle and am mainly a weekend rider until I get more confidence in riding around Prospect. etc

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Response to ‘Comment on post Correction by Heather in Prospect BUG’.

A personal reply from Heather of Prospect. Not as Coordinator of Prospect BUG.

Kristina Barnett, you know how to contact me by email, but instead you invite a public discussion on the AC forum, so my response in four parts below.

  1. Removal

I asked other cyclists about removing you from Prospect BUG online. They agreed, but added that as Prospect BUG Coordinator, I did not need to seek their permission. I posted a brief notification at adelaidecyclists.com/group/bugprospect/forum/topics/correction

You know how the process works, from when you were an active member in 2010. Recall your nemesis – the two of you stood for the one council position in 2007 and he was elected, hence your three-year absence from council. In 2010 he joined Prospect BUG online to get support for a draft Prospect Rd Masterplan with sections of the bike lanes removed. BUG was busy collecting the petition ‘keep bicycle lanes’. After his few posts, I discussed with you and cyclists, before removing him from Prospect BUG online.

  1. Activity

You are not currently active within Prospect BUG:

— not attended a BUG meeting or social coffee since early 2012

— not received the monthly newsletter since 2015

— between 2010 and 2018, the forum notes only 8 comments by you under Prospect BUG.

You did post that on 27-Jan-2018 you reported to council the hazard of a new footpath extended into the Prospect Rd roadway (blocked a bike lane but no road hazard signage). You knew that Cr Larwood reported this earlier at the 23-Jan-2018 council meeting, as well as me.

In this same discussion, you avoided answering my question as to whether you support removing bike lanes from Main North Rd.

See adelaidecyclists.com/group/bugprospect/forum/topics/prospect-rd-hazard-27-jan-2018 and my comment below titled Main North Rd.


Just after a bit of social justice here! 

I guess if the criteria for being active in Prospect BUG is attending a BUG meeting or social coffee;  receiving a newsletter and making comments in Prospect BUG forums, then I wonder how many of the 168 members would still be classed as 'active'?

Bit difficult to have 'not received the monthly newsletter since 2015' when the administrator, Heather I believe,  stopped sending them to me!

The concept of 'natural justice' seems to be lacking with my being 'booted off BUG'  without first the common courtesy  of being approached about it; with other Prospect BUG members agreeing to it without hearing my side. 

For the last 9 months or so, I have been unable to ride my bike due to very painful tendonitis (not helped by osteo-arthritis). I am still receiving treatment.

I would not be riding my bike to Council meetings as I would not feel safe at night.

I have been wary in commenting too much on Prospect BUG because of feeling that Heather's attitude towards me appears to be criticising anything I post. 

I have enjoyed reading about what is happening out there from cyclists and if I can assist in my role as a Prospect Councillor and as a member of other community groups, then I will continue to support safe cycling as a healthy activity for all age groups. Sadly not as a member of Prospect BUG apparently. 

  1. Main North Rd

There have been moves to remove bike lanes during a pending Main North Rd upgrade:

— In Dec-2016 Barnett’s group PRA met with Prospect Council and asked that cyclists be encouraged to ride other routes, rather than Main North Rd.

— In Apr-2017 at a public forum, preliminary sketches for the Main North Rd Masterplan lacked bike lanes. At one table there was public approval for removing bike lanes to install wide footpaths with big trees and artwork. I was not privy to private discussions at that table, but recognised representatives from Barnett’s groups PLEG, PLHG and PRA. As the Prospect BUG coordinator, I reminded the forum and DPTI that Main North Rd is recognised as a Major Cycling Route.

— The Prospect Council Meeting Agenda 23-Jan-2018 appended the report Main North Road: Traffic & Movement Assessment, by InfraPlan for City of Prospect, 2017. The drawings now included bike lanes. “Removing bike lanes would primarily create opportunity to extend the footpath widths, as well as creating space for greening and landscaping ... DPTI have reiterated that Main North Road remains a bicycle route of strategic importance, and retaining cycling infrastructure (either in its current or improved form) is important.”

— At the above council meeting there was a discussion of Item 13.5 Main North Road Concept Plan. Cr Barnett’s approximate words: Some of our things we liked to have done, and some things DPTI may not be in favour, but has not always stopped Council and we can push things ...

  1. Encouragement

You joined Prospect BUG in Jan-2010, when I was collecting the petition ‘keep bicycle lanes’ and thus contact details of 3,433 cycling supporters.

You expressed an interest in taking up riding and I encouraged you. I directed you to suitable basic bikes at sale-price. I invited you to a BUG picnic, and arranged to guide you on a quiet route from the Adelaide Aquatic Centre to the Botanic Gardens. You rode 1km to the Centre, to say that you would not ride onto the picnic. You were elected to council in Oct-2010 but I have not seen you ride the 1km to a council meeting. 

In 1993 and 2010 I put many hours of time into your council election campaigns, but did not notice your election promises convert into benefits for my cycling community.

A personal reply from Heather of Prospect. Not as Coordinator of Prospect BUG.
Kristina Barnett, you invited a public answer which you did not accept – see above. I will now try to clarify for your comprehension. 

I do not know of any current Prospect BUG online member who fits ALL of these criteria:
— has not attended a BUG meeting or social coffee since early 2012
— between 2010 and 2018 posted only 8 comments under Prospect BUG, according to AC records
— yet implies through the ‘City of Prospect Magazine winter 2018’ that they are currently an active member of Prospect BUG
— while an elected ‘representative’, sought through council a draft Main North Rd Masterplan without bike lanes
— remembers an inactive membership as local govt elections approach.

Barnett has publicly criticised me before. For example in her letter published in the City North Messenger in 2016, and based on erroneous info which she acknowledged she heard indirectly. I let it lapse, rather than seek a right of reply.
Incidentally, I have not suggested the ‘City of Prospect Magazine’ correct the confusion about Barnett’s Prospect BUG membership.

In 2010 Barnett agreed about removing her council nemesis from Prospect BUG online – at the time he was supporting a Prospect Rd Masterplan with sections of bike lanes removed.
In 2018 Barnett objects to her inactive membership of Prospect BUG being suspended – recently she has supported a Main North Rd Masterplan with the current bike lanes removed.

I have personal experience of ill health, for example when injuries from a cycling crash kept me off a bike for six months during 2011–12. At first I could only type with one hand and one finger.
Barnett’s recorded average during 2010–18 is one post per year on Prospect BUG. Even if allowing for a current year of her mentioned tendonitis, Barnet was not an active member earlier. 

Barnett values an inactive group membership, coincidentally as local govt elections approach. Barnett’s inactive membership was deleted by consensus in Jul-2018, and before Barnett’s above hint that she expects to continue as a councillor. The discussion was prompted by a printed statement which implied that Barnett is currently an active member of Prospect BUG.

For the record, I do not intend to nominate for a council position. Instead I will continue as an unpaid volunteer to advocate for cycling and safer cycling. This will include monitoring council activity in relationship to cycling guidelines and regulations.

> DaveM: "or at the least modify your online behaviour to be a touch less abrasive"

And the kettle calls the pot black here.

A personal reply from Heather of Prospect. Not as Coordinator of Prospect BUG. 

An early post on Prospect BUG was a low-key communication to 68 online members of Prospect BUG.
“In the City of Prospect Magazine winter 2018, Kristina Barnett writes that she is currently involved with the Prospect Bicycle User Group. This is not the case. Heather, Coordinator of Prospect BUG since 2009.” adelaidecyclists.com/group/bugprospect/forum/topics/correction

I did not contact the ‘City of Prospect Magazine’, which was delivered to 22,000 people. www.prospect.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1673

Barnett escalated this to a discussion on Adelaide Cyclists forum of 4,991 people, and invited my public response.

Dave M, I do not personally know you, but you are not a Prospect BUG member, and your AC posts indicate that you do not live in Prospect.

I have explained twice, and will not attempt a third public explanation to Barnett. I feel that Adelaide Cyclists forum is not the place for a squabble.

The Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party ain’t got nothing on this show

Yes the petty point scoring is quite remarkable!

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WTF? DOXing now?


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