I hope this guy sees this - it made my day when I was looking for something else.

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Hahah! What great fun ! :-D

Haha, nice editing Paul!
Paul, what sort of camera do you use?

Sounds like a go pro. Which edition is it and what setting was it on?

What bit rate did you export it at?

GoPro 3 on 720p 60fps.  I settled on these settings very early on.  One day I will experiment with other settings but it seems to work well for me.

Paul go for the 1080 res at 30 fps. Tv does about 30fps so no need to go for 60fps.

Better quality vid.

Thanks Fred

I will give it a go.

Just a warning, if you ever want to slow down video it will look far better if you capture it at 60fps instead of 30.

One for the comedy fans, Great to see people out there not taking themselves too seriously.

It looks like Gus Kingston to me.


Interesting attitude here

If you wave at my arse, you will be on YouTube


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