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Please report your bicycle-vehicle collisions to police, even if your injuries appear minor:

-- Your full injuries could be masked at the time by adrenalin, shock and pain (know from personal experience)

-- A delay in realising full injuries and reporting can lead to hassles in getting medical bills reimbursed (know from personal experience)

-- Let police officially warn the errant person and thus encourage him to improve his driving

-- Give authorities a better indication of cycling collisions, hazards and need for improvement

What to do in an accident.

SA road trauma compensation laws were changed in Jul-2013. -- white bicycles left at scenes of cyclist deaths -- Ride of Silence remembers cyclists who died due to road trauma -- Wheels of Justice includes info re lawyer Eugene McGee who killed Ian Humphrey in a hit-run in 2003

DTEI / DPTI posts online yearly Road Safety Progress Reports, stating approximately __ cyclists killed, and __ cyclists injured.

Government data supports that cyclists are safer road users than drivers. In 2010 in SA 51% of drivers considered responsible, c.f. with 30% of cyclists. Be aware that a study using bike helmet cams indicates that authorities incorrectly blame cyclists. More info in AC group Look For Cyclists at

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Alberto Paulon, 25, was riding along Sydney Road in Brunswick with his fiancée.

169. Tuesday 3-Mar-2015 morning peak hour at intersection of Rundle Road and Parade West. Cyclist injured. Bike damaged. Ambulance and fire brigade attended.

170. On 19-Aug-2015 on Payneham Rd. Cyclist hit by vehicle. Cyclist suffered some cuts and bike damaged.

171. On Saturday 10-Oct-2015 about 10am. Intersection of Williamstown and Eden Valley Roads, at Springton. AC member Michael Tully died in collision with vehicle, while on a Gawler Wheelers group ride.

172. On Wednesday 14-Oct-2015 about 4.30pm. On Swanport Village Road near Murray Bridge. Female cyclist died in collision with truck.

173. On Wednesday 9-Dec-2015 about 6.30am, on Fitzgerald Avenue, Marrackville, Sydney. Nick Ruygrok died after falling into the path of a vehicle. I met Nick when he lived in Adelaide, so a shock.

Previously Nick lived in Adelaide, and worked for Rachel Sanderson MP, Member for Adelaide. He was always friendly and helpful, and well-known in Sydney when he died.

174. On Tuesday 15-Mar-2016 about 10.30am on Germain Road, Solomontown, near Port Pirie, truck hit group of cyclists. One cyclist dead, another seriously injured, another non-life threatening injuries, fourth cyclist escaped.

Truck driver pleads guilty over fatal crash with cyclists near Port Pirie in SA
Published by ABC News on 10-Oct-2016
A truck driver has pleaded guilty to killing a cyclist and injuring two others in a crash near Port Pirie. He is also facing 32 charges relating to heavy vehicle fatigue management.
The cyclists from the Port Pirie Cycle Club.

SA truck driver should face maximum penalty over fatal crash with cyclists, court told
Published by ABC News on 1-Mar-2017
A truck driver who was under the influence of drugs when he ploughed into a group of cyclists near Port Pirie in South Australia has apologised to the family of the man he killed.

Truck driver jailed over hitting cyclists, killing one, at Port Pirie
Published by ABC News on 7-Apr-2017
Truck driver under the influence of drugs.
. . . As a result of the collision, authorities conducted an audit of his employer’s records, finding that over 41 days 15 drivers had committed 94 breaches of legislation regulating the use of heavy vehicles.
The court heard two sets of wage records, one which recorded the driving which employees were paid and the other a falsified version to conform with the hours they should have been driving.

There was a report of a bicycle-car collision at Elizabeth Downs this morning. It's at a 2-lane roundabout at the junction of Yorktown and Midway Roads. It was reported to be a male cyclist in his 70s "fighting for his life".


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