After the intro, some pertinent links to AC discussions, but not all links. Please add your experiences.

Please report your bicycle-vehicle collisions to police, even if your injuries appear minor:

-- Your full injuries could be masked at the time by adrenalin, shock and pain (know from personal experience)

-- A delay in realising full injuries and reporting can lead to hassles in getting medical bills reimbursed (know from personal experience)

-- Let police officially warn the errant person and thus encourage him to improve his driving

-- Give authorities a better indication of cycling collisions, hazards and need for improvement

What to do in an accident.

SA road trauma compensation laws were changed in Jul-2013. -- white bicycles left at scenes of cyclist deaths -- Ride of Silence remembers cyclists who died due to road trauma -- Wheels of Justice includes info re lawyer Eugene McGee who killed Ian Humphrey in a hit-run in 2003

DTEI / DPTI posts online yearly Road Safety Progress Reports, stating approximately __ cyclists killed, and __ cyclists injured.

Government data supports that cyclists are safer road users than drivers. In 2010 in SA 51% of drivers considered responsible, c.f. with 30% of cyclists. Be aware that a study using bike helmet cams indicates that authorities incorrectly blame cyclists. More info in AC group Look For Cyclists at

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1. -- Jan-2009 Alistar Smith killed in hit-run on Victor Harbor Road at Old Noarlunga

2. -- in 2003, cyclist Ian Humphrey killed in hit-run on Kapunda Road by lawyer and ex-police Eugene McGee

3. -- 7-Nov-2009 cyclist killed at Lewiston --

4. -- 4-Jan-2010 73-year-old man killed in hit-run on Dukes Highway near Coonalpyn -- police said he was run over by at least 6 trucks

5. -- 12-Jan-2010 JDL was hit on Victoria Drive near Strathfield Terrace in Taperoo

6. -- in 2010 Sue's brother had handlebars clipped by truck on Grand Junction Road in Ottoway, and struggled not to be pulled under truck

7. -- Jan-2010 Heather told of 3 bicycle-vehicle collisions at one T-junction during Mutual Community Challenge of TDU, one a hit-run

8. -- 28-Feb-2010 six cyclists from Trikings Triathlon cycling on Regency Road in Prospect when 3 seriously injured, included Dave Checker

9. and -- 5-Mar-2010 Chris Hudson, a VLCC member who lived at Minlaton, killed on Yorke Peninsula

10. -- -- 12-Apr-2010 Simon Whitely killed by truck on Anzac Highway in Plympton Park -- a terrible tragedy that inspired vitriolic anti-cyclist sentiments on the Adelaide Now website -- memorial ride planned -- -- fatality driver with amphetamines in blood gets no jail time and only 6 months licence suspension

11. -- -- 30-May-2010 Colin killed in hit-run on Payneham Road in Stepney

12. -- post of 31-May-2010 -- Jonathon G was hit a few weeks ago -- Gillo hit a couple of weeks earlier in Pulteney Street, Adelaide

13. -- Roger posted on 17-Jun-2010 -- Robert Rau had his helmet totalled by bus mirror

14. -- 19-Jul-2010 Steve Robin injured

15. -- 22-Jul-2010 cyclist injured on Main North Road in Pooraka

16. -- post of 18-Aug-2010 -- Aaron Englert hit on date not given

17. -- 19-Aug-2010 Derek Hasel's friend Walt injured -- Jim Wood's friend with pelvic injury now walking on frame -- Penny Wright in wheelchair from collision two months ago -- 21-Jul-2010 PP hit on Greenhill Road

18. -- on 5-Sep-2010 Jim Woods posted -- driver who killed a cyclist from McLaren vale claimed he was blinded by his tail light

19. -- -- -- -- 13-Sep-2010 Dwayne killed on Ride to Work Day on Port River Expressway

20. -- 13-Sep-2010 Brian Plush hit in roundabout

19. above, date correction – – 13-Oct-2010 Dwayne killed on Ride to Work Day on Port River Expressway

21. -- -- Jonathan G filmed his collision and released film on 6-Oct-2010

22. -- 26-Oct-2010 Colgagasm injured on King William Street in Adelaide

23. -- 1-Nov-2010 Alastair Dowling injured on Unley Road

24. -- 5-Nov-2010 cyclist injured in group

25. -- 25-Nov-2010 Angus Kingston saw injured cyclist at corner of OG and Payneham Roads -- 25-Nov-2010 female cyclist hit on Marion Road

26. -- In 2010, Johnny Mac seriously injured

27. -- 15-Jan-2011 cyclist seriously injured when he rode into parked car on Sir Donald Bradman Drive in Cowandilla. He went to pass parked car but had to swerve back due to vehicle in travel lane

28. -- 23-Jan-2011 Bill Adams injured in hit-run on Military Road, Henley Beach

29. -- 19-Feb-2011 female cyclist hit near Alma Hotel in Norwood

30. -- 17-Mar-2011 Mark Ferguson hit on Montecute Road -- 16-Mar-2011 Lorraine C hit on Church Terrace in Walkerville -- Jonathon G carries a camera after being hit

24a. – 7-Nov-2009 cyclist killed at Lewiston. Hit by a 17-yr-old driver who has been charged with dangerous driving.

31. -- 18-Mar-2011 Steven Orr hit and bicycle damaged

32. -- 18-Mar-2011 Steven Orr hit in Adelaide -- 25-Mar-2011 Steven Orr injured in  Blackwood -- 25-Mar-2011 cyclist injured on Acklands Road

33. -- some weeks before 27-Mar-2011 Lisa Payne seriously

34. -- 29-Mar-2011 cyclist hit in Parafield Gardens

35. -- 24-Jan-2011 Bill Adams injured in hit-run on Military Road in Henley Beach

36. -- 12-Feb-2011 Konadog doored with minor injuries in King William Road

37. -- 25-Feb-2011 male cyclist seriously injured in hit-run on Nelson Road in Para Hills -- Peter Sampson injured in hit-run once

38. -- 1-Apr-2011 Darren Bosanko in hit-run at Rosewater

39. -- 11-Apr-2011 Rhino posted that he was previously hit in a roundabout on Old Belair Road

40. -- -- 12-Apr-2011 Nick Hortovanyi slightly injured

41. -- 17-Apr-2011 person on motorised bicycle seriously injured on The Causeway in Exeter

42. -- mid Apr-2011 gRimReaPer was hit

43. -- 2-May-2011 Simon Lownsborough was hit and injured

44. -- 11-May-2011 44-year-old female cyclist killed by truck on Port Wakefield Road at Cavan

45. -- -- 14-May-2011 around 10am 60-year-old experienced cyclist John Jonas killed on Unley Road near Dover Street at Malvern

46. -- 14-May-2011 around 11am cyclist injured on Anzac Highway at Glenelg

47. -- 14-May-2011 snappy don hit on Brighton Road at Brighton

48. -- 16-May-2011 Dahondude was hit on Goodwood Road at Goodwood

49. -- David Bowler hit by truck trailer at intersection of Port Wakefield Road and Montague Road at Cavan. Fortunately only minor injuries.

50. -- 10-Jun-2011 cyclist injured in North Adelaide during morning peak hour

51. -- 2011 rossmg doored in bicycle lane in Rundle Street when passenger alighted from car

52. -- 3-Aug-2011 at corner of Hawker Street and Park Terrace, injured cyclist put into ambulance -- 3-Aug-2011 cyclist seriously injured on King William Street -- 3-Aug-2011 AC member's cycling friend injured

53. – Australian cyclists killed in bicycle-vehicle collisions (AC member Samuel Webb suggested I add these) – 6-Jul-2011 racing cyclist Carly Hibberd killed in Italy, 3 months before her wedding date – 25-Jul-2011 ex-pro cyclist John Cornish killed on Beach Road, Melbourne – 1-Aug-2011 Narelle Dobinson died a week after collision at Willowbank, Qld – fourth Cycling Queensland member killed this year

54. -- 9-Aug-2011 cyclist injured at intersection of Main North Road and Regency Road in Prospect

55. -- 24-Aug-2011 on Military Road, Simon Lownsborough overtaken too closely. Simon yelled at driver, who moments later deliberately braked after roundabout and forced Simon to hit the car. Red or burgundy car but rego number not on police database. -- Four years ago similar thing happened to Be Nicol, whose new carbon bike was snapped in half. Four cyclists took the rego number but not on database. -- A few weeks ago on Findon Road, a small red car veered at Kevin White, forcing him into the gutter and clipping his elbow with the car mirror.

56. – 31-Aug-2011 AC member Harry Smyth on training ride when his riding partner Lisa hit by vehicle on Military Road in Grange – 30-Aug-2011 Harry Smyth intentionally sideswiped on Military Road in Grange – unknown date when Matthew Parker hit on Churchill Road by turning vehicle and pushed into side street – a few weeks ago Bobby hit by vehicle

57. -- on date not stated, Danielle 'doored' and broke ankle

58. -- 1-Sep-2011 male cyclist 'doored' on Unley Road and in critical condition with chest and head injuries

59. – 2011 Tim Bourner hit by vehicle

60. -- 3-Sep-2011 snappy don in hit-run on Leader Street, Goodwood, during show week. Vehicle alongside when driver turned left into side street.

61. – 12-Sep-2011 person on petrol powered bicycle hit on Prospect Road, Kilburn. Road closed by police so may be serious.


62. – Posted on 18-Oct-2011 – 3 weeks ago at TTP interchange Don Murray was forced off his bike by a bus – on 18-Oct-2011 in North Adelaide, John Vincent had a bus brush against him – Spartacus had an overtaking bus hit his arm


63. – Posted 18-Oct-2011 – on O'Connell Street, North Adelaide, John Vincent had bus brush against him.


64. – 30-Oct-2011 on Old Willunga Hill, Jack Graham 'lost it' on rough road while going downhill and hit van. Fortunately injuries were not serious.


65. – 4-Nov-2011 David hit and injured, plus his beloved Pinarello is in pieces – in 2010 Gordon Prescott hit and insurance claim not finalised – Simon Lownsborough referred to his collision


66. – 4-Nov-2011 cyclists in collisions on Kensington Road and Old Belair Road


67. – Posted on 6-Nov-2011 by Jack Graham. Last week he was involved in two accidents that were discussed on AC


68. – 18-Nov-2011 Cyclist injured in hit-run on North Terrace. Police seeking help to identify the photographed car –

69. – 6-Dec-2011 two cyclists killed as truck hits tandem bike on Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

70. – 7-Dec-2011 on Milan Terrace, Gillian in hit-run by white truck pulling large white van. The driver saw the bicycle because he sounded horn for Gillian to get out of the way.

71. – 8-Dec-2011 cyclist injured in collision with truck at the Tollgate / SE Freeway

72. – (date not given) Geoff Neal injured when hit by car

73. – Posted Dec-2011 by Richard that he had been at the scene of a wrong outcome accident and it still haunts him. A B-double in the wrong place and time.

74. – 12-Dec-2011 Darren Web injured in collision – (date not given) Paul Smith hit when driver did a right-hand turn across cyclist's path

75. – 12-Dec-2011 on Commercial Road, Salisbury, Darren Webb injured when a van stopped to let a car cross into a driveway, and collided with cyclist

76. – earlier this year 2011, Katrina's elbow injured in hit-run. Caught up with driver when parking at business. At first refused to give contact details until Katrina went to write down rego.

– 3-Jan-2012 NSW Police are trying to find the driver of a vehicle that hit a man on a bicycle at Mullumbimby, causing him serious head injuries. Officers were called to the scene at about 10am (AEDT). A surf lifesaver who had stopped at the scene tried to save the man, but the cyclist died later in Mullumbimby Hospital.

Hit and run fatality


John Foss, local motorised cycle entrepreneur and Marine Rescue volunteer, died of head injuries on Tuesday morning after being hit by a van while cycling along a quiet section of Coolamon Scenic Drive near Mullumbimby. Police have charged Nashua man James Andrew Mitchell, 53, with murder and dangerous driving occasioning death and was denied bail in Lismore Local Court by registrar Mark Bromhead on Thursday.

Deliberately driven at

Police allege Mr Foss was deliberately driven at by Mr Mitchell, and told media they had to chase Mr Mitchell through two kilometres of rugged bushland at Nashua before capturing him on Wednesday. Inspector Greg Jago of Tweed/Byron Local Area Command told Fairfax Radio, ‘We are aware that both parties knew each other prior to the incident and apparently there was some animosity between them’. Meanwhile, tributes have flowed for Mr Foss, who was much loved in the local community and a stalwart volunteer with Marine Rescue NSW at Brunswick Heads. He had just returned from helping four passengers of a rubber ducky that overturned at the Brunswick Bar when the incident occurred. Police have seized the van for inspection.

77. – Steve Orr has been hit twice in bike lanes

78. – Trevor Hill had his pedal and foot caught in a car rear wheel arch as the driver did a left turn, without leaving room for the cyclist

79. – 31-Dec-2011 on Cross Road, cyclist in bicycle lane knocked off bike by vehicle wing mirror

80. – Frank Neis recalls being 'doored' while witnessed by 2 police officers. The verbally abusive driver was fined

81. – 19-Jan-2012 Iordon Kostadinov doored and injured

82. – Kasey VP recalls vehicle cutting him off, and major impact

83. – 8-Feb-2012 on North Terrace, Michael Darroch hit and injured by driver who pulled across his path to park


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