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Please report your bicycle-vehicle collisions to police, even if your injuries appear minor:

-- Your full injuries could be masked at the time by adrenalin, shock and pain (know from personal experience)

-- A delay in realising full injuries and reporting can lead to hassles in getting medical bills reimbursed (know from personal experience)

-- Let police officially warn the errant person and thus encourage him to improve his driving

-- Give authorities a better indication of cycling collisions, hazards and need for improvement

What to do in an accident.

SA road trauma compensation laws were changed in Jul-2013. -- white bicycles left at scenes of cyclist deaths -- Ride of Silence remembers cyclists who died due to road trauma -- Wheels of Justice includes info re lawyer Eugene McGee who killed Ian Humphrey in a hit-run in 2003

DTEI / DPTI posts online yearly Road Safety Progress Reports, stating approximately __ cyclists killed, and __ cyclists injured.

Government data supports that cyclists are safer road users than drivers. In 2010 in SA 51% of drivers considered responsible, c.f. with 30% of cyclists. Be aware that a study using bike helmet cams indicates that authorities incorrectly blame cyclists. More info in AC group Look For Cyclists at

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102. – On Sunday 17-Jun-2012 around noon, on Cross Road at intersection with Duthy Street, Adam Williss catapulted into air by small green-blue car in hit-run.

103. – On Sunday 23-Sep-2012 on Quivliven Road, Aldinga, 16-year-old intentionally injured on footpath in hit-run by 4WD. Police seek info from the public.

104. – On Tuesday 25-Sep-2012 on Portrush Road near The Parade, an older male cyclist was hit. Visibly shaken but managed to hobble off the road.

105. – On Sunday 3-Jul-2012 on South Road near Torrens Road, Paul run into the gutter by a flatbed truck, despite Paul's bright rear light. Police car drove past, without checking on Paul or stopping the truck driver.

106. – Durian Rider knocked off his bike in 96, 97, 99 and by a bus in 2003. “Some injuries took days to get over, one took 5 years and I had to live on the dole poverty line.”

107. – On 14-Oct-2012 at intersection of Bridge Road and Maxwell Road, Para Hills, Chris Sewell hit and injured by vehicle turning across his path.

108. – Ride2Work Day 17-Oct-2012 just before 8am, corner of MacKinnon Parade and Frome Road, cyclist hit by left-turning vehicle. Unknown male cyclist in pain and ambulance in attendance.

109. – On 20-Oct-2012 on roundabout of Penfolds Road and The Parade, Mark Ferguson saw injured cyclist being attended by ambos.

110. – On 20-Oct-2012 on Prospect Road, Graham King's friend hit and injured on Prospect Road.

111. – On 22-Oct-2012 on Winston Avenue bikedirect route, a vehicle turned left across Alastair Dowler's path, resulting in minor injuries and destroyed bike.

112. – On 19-Oct-2012 girlfriend of Joel McWhinney hit by car turning right across her path. Minor injuries and bike damaged.

113. – On 20-Oct-2012 at Flagstaff roundabout Baron von Theirry saw aftermath of bicycle-vehicle collision. Ambulance and police attended.

113a. – In Oct-2012 Mark hit by car and injured

114. – On 2-Nov-2012 on Greenhill Road, Michael Fraser hit by vehicle turning right into Sydney Street, Burnside. Minor injuries and damaged bike.


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