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Please report your bicycle-vehicle collisions to police, even if your injuries appear minor:

-- Your full injuries could be masked at the time by adrenalin, shock and pain (know from personal experience)

-- A delay in realising full injuries and reporting can lead to hassles in getting medical bills reimbursed (know from personal experience)

-- Let police officially warn the errant person and thus encourage him to improve his driving

-- Give authorities a better indication of cycling collisions, hazards and need for improvement

What to do in an accident.

SA road trauma compensation laws were changed in Jul-2013. -- white bicycles left at scenes of cyclist deaths -- Ride of Silence remembers cyclists who died due to road trauma -- Wheels of Justice includes info re lawyer Eugene McGee who killed Ian Humphrey in a hit-run in 2003

DTEI / DPTI posts online yearly Road Safety Progress Reports, stating approximately __ cyclists killed, and __ cyclists injured.

Government data supports that cyclists are safer road users than drivers. In 2010 in SA 51% of drivers considered responsible, c.f. with 30% of cyclists. Be aware that a study using bike helmet cams indicates that authorities incorrectly blame cyclists. More info in AC group Look For Cyclists at

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84. – 8-Feb-2012 Michael Darroch's bike damaged by a car – 13-Feb-2012 Harry Smyth posted that recently he was deliberately run into a kerb by a vehicle. Wheel damaged but got rego.

85. – 4 years ago Paul Norrey in collision on Main North Road where cars on his right slowed and stopped to let a van turn right across the bicycle lane and into Paul – last year Darren hit when van stopped to let car into private driveway

86. – 7-Mar-2012 on Payneham Road, Andris McGee hit by car that cut him off. Injured slightly and carbon bike damaged – 14 months ago Kathryn H doored and bike damaged


9-Mar-2012 Paul Jorgensen doored and injured in hit-run. Has film of the event. Film shown on channels 7, 9 & 10. Passenger injured the cyclist and driver left the scene but police still let driver off!

88. – on 16-Mar-2012 Andris Stefan McGee posted: “I always see occasional near misses with doorings, maybe once or twice a week. This morning, in the space of about three minutes, I nearly got doored four times (all of them roughly 5 metres ahead of me) coming down Beulah Road. The first one was a police officer getting out of her car too!”

89. – 16-Mar-2012 around 11am on Glen Osmond Road, car-cyclist collision

90. – 17-Mar-2012 about 8am on Cross Road at Highgate, a male cyclist injured in a hit-run

91. – On 1-Apr-2012 on Tapleys Hill Road, unknown cyclist seriously injured after being hit by car.

92. – 2-Apr-2012 Lower North East Road. Male cyclist hit by car.

93. – 5-Apr-2012 on Pirie Street, intersection with Pulteney Street, Baohong Hou hit by car and seriously injured. On 19-Apr-2012 will undergo surgery on head injury.

94. – On 13-May-2012 AC member saw several bicycle-vehicle incidents at roadside flower stalls. Included 4WD pushing cyclist off the road and a cyclist down on Anzac Highway.

94a (based on date)

17 May 2012.  I was doored by motorist at 8.05am, while riding north-westerly along Egmont Tce, Hawthorn, outside 6 Egmont Terrace.   Impact with the door was minor, but it caused my bike to topple over.  I landed on the road, knocking me unconscious for a brief time, and causing abrasions and bruising to my right forehead, right shoulder, right elbow, right wrist, right hip and right knee.  Transported by ambulance to FMC - no serious damage, and allowed to leave after several hours. 1 and a half days off work.


95. (should be 85a based on date) – On 14-Feb-2012 on North Terrace, Colin Sparrow saw aftermath of a cyclist hit by a van. The van left the scene.

96. – May-2012 Lucas Pittaway in hit-run where car changed into left lane, then immediately turned left across path of cyclist.

97. -- On 29-May-2012 on Marion Road near Sturt Road, Trevor Hill hit by a vehicle. Fortunately only damage was the pannier knocked off the bike.

98. – 1-Sep-2011 on Unley Road – On Anzac Highway Dario overtaken too closely

99. – 9-Jun-2012 Scott McCann hit when vehicle turned across his path towards parking bay

100. – 9-Jun-2012 around 5pm on at Kangaroo Flat, bicycle-truck collision where male cyclist died at the scene

101. – On 15-Jan-2012 on Woodside Road near Nairne, a male cyclist injured in collision with vehicle. – Cyclist critical after Nairne accident. A man has been taken to hospital with critical head injuries after he was knocked off his bike at Nairne. A car hit the man, 60, as he was cycling on Woodside Rd about 11.30am. He has been taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Major Crash officers are investigating.

Not good news. Adelaide Now uses the heading of 'Cyclist critical after Nairne accident'. Wish the media would use a correct term of collision or crash. Most 'accidents' are avoidable with safe and courteous driving, and therefore are not 'accidents'. – Sadly the cyclist died. It appears that the driver has been charged.

Coroner makes recommendations after cyclist death
Driving test rules should be tougher, coroner probing elderly motorist's crash with cyclist recommends
Published by ABC News on 19-Sep-2016
Key points:
• Kevin Rice failed driving test twice before passing
• Driver seen swerving on the road prior to fatal crash with cyclist
• Coroner calls for more scrutiny of motorists who fail driving tests
. . .


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