Collision at Sir Donald Bradman Drive and West Terrace Bike Path today (2 June 2017)


I was hit by a white utility vehicle as I was crossing northbound over Sir Donald Bradman Drive on the West Terrace bike path at about 8:20/8:30am today (2 June 2017).  The ute turned into me as it turned left from West Terrace onto Sir Donald Bradman Drive.  We both had green signals.  The ute didn't stop. 

A lovely male cyclist, in full winter kit, stopped to give me the registration number and to check that I was okay.  I recorded the rego number he gave, but I am kicking myself for not also getting his name and contact details.  I am hoping that by posting this the cyclist who provided assistance may be able to be tracked down.  I've reported the incident to police but it would be helpful if I could provide the name of any witnesses. 

I was riding my Reid grey commuter bike.  I have two large light brown panniers on the back and was wearing a thick black coat (thankfully, the coat reduced my injuries to bruising) and my Hey Reflecto visibility vest.  Black helmet. 

The most irritating part about all of this, other than my injuries, is that this may bring my bike commuting to an end.  I'm pregnant and have been adamant that I can continue cycling to work for so long as it feels comfortable, but today has completely freaked me out. 

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to provide assistance.



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Really sickening and sorry to hear this story, I hope you and the baby pull up ok. I would also post something on the Adelaide Cycling facebook group.

Do you think the driver was aware they had struck you?

Does that intersection have cameras by any chance?

Hi Rob

The driver must have realised he/she hit me - it was a decent impact to the tray of the ute.  Not sure about cameras - I've reported the incident to the police so they will follow up.  My problem is not having the name of the cyclist who gave me the rego - that evidence won't be admissable if this goes to court (I acknowledge that is unlikely).  Thanks for the response.  I'm not a member of the facebook group so I'll send a request and will post once I am accepted. 


An additional witness makes it easier for the police, but the evidence is not inadmissible. SAPOL sometimes need encouragement to progress things like this.

Sorry to hear that Kim, I hope you and the bub recover quickly.

Just one little bit of advice if I may (spoken from experience), make sure you get yourself checked out by a doctor and keep an eye out for any new aches, pains and bruising over the next few weeks. Some injuries can take a while to show up and pain from known injuries can mask other ones.

I hope you find the guy who stopped and helped and hope the coward who ran get's the book thrown at him.

If you get no result using the forums you may want to visit the area at about the same time of day if you are able. If the person on the bike is a regular commuter you may get lucky. Likewise you may see the driver. I know a person who tracked down a driver responsible for dangerous driving this way.

Heal up soon and well.


All the best Kim.

Suggest you join Facebook group Adelaide Cycling and repeat your message there. Somebody has attempted to copy your message to that website but it's incomplete due to privacy settings

I've sent a request to join, just waiting on a response. Thank you.

Glad to hear you are ok Kim. I'm also glad someone came to your aid. I understand why you were freaked out. I had my first impact with a car a few months back when a car turned right from the opposite carriageway in stopped traffic whilst I was coming down a bike lane. My car driver stopped and was very shocked and upset.

I didn't get injured at all which is amazing considering the speed I was going but on impact I spun into the roadway and am so glad the traffic was stopped. What bothered me a lot was that not one single person from a crowded bus or numerous cars waiting for a traffic light change bothered to even ask if I was ok.

Regarding the fear factor, I get that totally. Can I suggest using a camera. My GoPro picked it up perfectly. I didn't need the footage because the driver reported the accident to police themselves and there was no injury at all, but it would have been useful if required.

Stay safe

Glad to hear you are OK.

I wonder how many deaths before Australia will start putting proper bike infrastructure in place and not bloody shared paths running into blind corners whilst allowing motorists to turn left in front of cyclists just because they are ahead.

The driver breached road rules due to hit-run. Appears the driver breached a second road rule. Emphasise both to authorities.

Riding a bicycle on crossings in SA
Variation of SA Road Traffic (Road Rules—Ancillary and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 2014
Gazetted on 15-Dec-2016 with these changes to come into operation on 16-Apr-2017
9A Giving way, etc, to riders of bicycles on crossings or slip lanes
9B Giving way to pedestrians, or riders of bicycles, entering crossings or slip lanes
32 Exemption from prohibition of riding bicycle on crossings
. . .

Road rule amendments
Published by SA Govt
15-Apr-2017 – Road rule amendments
Bike riders will be able to ride across a marked foot crossing, a pedestrian crossing or a children’s crossing. . . . All vehicles must give way to pedestrians and cyclists when they are entering crossings and slip lanes, that is when they are about to cross. The fine for failing to do so could be up to $470 which is inclusive of the victims of crime levy. Regulation 9B of the Ancillary and Miscellaneous Regulations.

The RAA samotor winter 2017 on page 26
Changes to cycling laws
It’s now legal for cyclists to ride across pedestrian, children’s and marked foot crossings. . . . What’s more, motorists must give way to cyclists who are entering a crossing or a slip lane – just as they already do for pedestrians.
[In theory drivers give way to pedestrians (which includes cyclist wheeling bicycle) but not necessarily in practice. So I am wary, especially when riding on a crossing.]

Oh hey, I wasn't aware that we're now allowed to ride across pedestrian crossings. Makes a few intersections on my route a little smoother, not having to dismount.


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