Hi all,

Is there anyone here planning on riding the coast to coast? 

If so, what kind of time are you expecting to complete the whole 120km?

I am keen to have a go and I have my eyes on the full 120km. I'm just a bit (very) worried about how long I will take. I'm pretty slow.

I completed the boileau Adeliade 80km option in 4 hours, 46minutes last year. That is my longest ride ever. What speed should I be looking to maintain to complete 120km? 

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks :)

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I'm doing it!

All registered.

Super excited. Thanks for all the encouraging words of wisdom. 

Having bonked really badly on the tdu 15 months ago, I've learnt that I need to eat small amounts often.
Now I have one back pocket devoted to dried fruit that's big. Dates, Apple slices, apricots, the kind of thing that you can chew on to release the energy, but not so big you have to stop breathing.
Bananas are my drug of choice for hills.
Only six days to go :)

I remember in 2008 doing this fun ride. I only had a bunch of grapes for breakfast and bonked so hard by the time I got near Victor I was literally passed by a 60+ year old lady riding a hybrid with tennis shoes on. I was so glucose exhausted when I got to Victor I had to get a lift home back to town haha. It was so embarrassing. Never again. 

Just goes to show how important carbs are for performance. Anyone who can ride up Norton sub 25 mins could drop Chris Froome on a climb if he ran out of muscle glycogen. 

Good on you Jo, enjoy the ride!  Look forward to hearing how you go on Sunday, keep up the carbs & hydration from today

Hmmm, looks like I'm going to have to do "Coast to Coast to Coast" ... should be a challenge :o)

Ah, the old "Coast ... ... ... ... to Coast"

When I rode solo to Perth I met this Japanese guy towing a kiddy trailer fully loaded. He saw my 2kg of luggage packed in a school bag on a pannier and almost fainted. I will never forget. He caught the bus from Ceduna back to Radelaide. 

I can't understand why some people travel with so much but then have to pull out cos its just too much weight to carry. 


There will be a few people riding back- contact me if you're interested in working together - I'll return via Myponga> Sellicks> Veloway, just to change the scenery


What is the course?

What speed? Speed doesnt matter as you could be drafting a big bunch or riding solo into a head wind wearing a flappy t-shirt and a parachute jacket around your waist.

Rides like these are why power meters are invaluable. Just keep your wattage under 3 watts per kg and you will do your best time ever with the least relative effort.

120km keeping wattage under 3 watts per kg and averaging around 2 watts per kg. Cadence around 80-90rpm. You will surprise yourself how far you can ride in a day.

Remember that speed means nothing as too many variables can affect it. Speed only counts if you are going solo in an indoor velodrome. Power is the only thing that matters and if you want to ride your longest or fastest, then invest in a power meter and enjoy stamina you never thought was possible.

I did this ride the other week. Riding to power all day and night. I try and drink enough so Im peeing clear every 2-3 hours. I aim for at least 100g of carbs per hour on rides that long. Running out of muscle glycogen means its game over and recovery out the door.


So Jo - how'd you go?

I saw Dan Ferg at the pool the other night - he panicked when I told him that you're doing the 120...

"Oh sh*t - does that mean I'm doing it too?" he said. Gold

Hope it went well


Haha... Last year I dragged Dan along for the 80km for moral support (although, he nearly had to drag me up a few hills)

I let him off this year. I was feeling brave. He said you were doing the ride with a few people so I kept my eye out. How did you go? 

I totally nailed the 120km. I did take my merry ol' time, but managed to arrive before they packed up festivities at Victor. I even pulled up ok this week and am not too sore.

Jo, great to hear!  Well done for cracking the 120


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