Hi all,

Is there anyone here planning on riding the coast to coast? 

If so, what kind of time are you expecting to complete the whole 120km?

I am keen to have a go and I have my eyes on the full 120km. I'm just a bit (very) worried about how long I will take. I'm pretty slow.

I completed the boileau Adeliade 80km option in 4 hours, 46minutes last year. That is my longest ride ever. What speed should I be looking to maintain to complete 120km? 

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks :)

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I'm doing it :o) I have friends starting in Stirling while I start in Glenelg, so my challenge for the day is to catch them before the end.

Anyway, how's your form compared to last year's Velo Adelaide event?

Really after the climb up to Stirling its all down hill. 

errr, no! Along the top of the Range isn't exactly flat (or all down hill) and there are two significant climbs near the end...Hindmarsh Tiers Rd and Hutchison Rd/Greenhills Rd. The last one does seem to drag on for ever, especially with 100+km in your legs already. I've seen plenty of people really struggle up that last climb

i agree i have seen plenty of riders cramp up on that last hill , keep hydrated and fuel up .


Jo, great to have the goal for the 120km!  After the climb to Crafers, it is a relatively easy ride, with lots of downhills.  Depending on what sort of hill training you are doing, you may be better starting at Crafers & doing the 95km?  It doesn't matter how slow you are, just whether you feel capable of 7 hours or so in the saddle.  Plenty of refreshment stops, consider your hydration, nutrition in the 2 or 3 days before the event

Thanks for the replies. I think I just need a little push to go ahead and do it.

I am not too worried about the hills. I have a love/hate relationship with hills. It is the distance that worries me most and how long I will be on the bike. Which is why I was curious if I was even in the same ball park as other riders. 

I am in much better form than last year (-15 kg), so I am hoping I can manage even though I haven't ever ridden this far before. 

Do it! Just pick someone slower to follow up to Stirling so that you get there nice and easy and then enjoy the downhill :o)

Jo, sounds like you are in fine form to do the 120, take the challenge on & considering your amazing weight loss, just imagine how much that makes a difference!  Loosing 15 kgs is great & congratulations to you for what you have achieved. 

well done,    

Last year I did it in a bit over 5 hours  on a 26" Lefty Dual Suspension MTB   had a knee issue on the day that slowed me down a bit  however I did it at my pace..   and like your self  was my longest at the time 

this year  I am a lot fitter and will be on a lot better bike ( 29er Dually )  also doing the 120k ride,   as Michael said   it is downhill after Stirling most the way  just rest as you need and do it at your pace..   

don't let the distance worry you  just tell your legs to shut up and keep peddling   ( thats what I did for the Bupa this year )  

Good luck  

If you did the 80k last year doing the 120 is really the only option :).

To me, it all rests on how well you will climb to Crafers. Don't thrash yourself on that climb.

There's several other annoying bits, the section from Mylor to Echunga, the last ten kms coming into Willunga hilltop, and the final hill before Victor.

And the rest is a great ride with lots of excellent scenery, gentle declines, uninterrupted pedalling with the standard high quality bike SA attention to detail support. And hopefully one of their great rolls for lunch.

I feel sorry for the guys that do it in only three hours :).

I know what you mean... 120 km is my only real option. I'm only in it for the glory after all ;)

Having ridden this one b4 i can tell you its about pacing yourself to what your ok with ,you may find some riders who are riding at your pace just dont let them drag you faster than your happy with,its not a race even if some of the riders will treat it like one. Keep hydrated and eat as you ride and you will be fine ,enjoy your ride.


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