Hi all,

Is there anyone here planning on riding the coast to coast? 

If so, what kind of time are you expecting to complete the whole 120km?

I am keen to have a go and I have my eyes on the full 120km. I'm just a bit (very) worried about how long I will take. I'm pretty slow.

I completed the boileau Adeliade 80km option in 4 hours, 46minutes last year. That is my longest ride ever. What speed should I be looking to maintain to complete 120km? 

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks :)

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Thanks. I like being able to tick that box.

Well done Jo! Sad to hear you let little bro off this year... he did have a look of fear in his eyes when I mentioned you were doing the 120 :)

I didn't get to do the ride due to lifesaving commitments however will be keen to do another long event soon.

Happy peddling!



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