10 minutes to drive 800m along Greenhill Rd - http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/motor-sport/v8-supercars/clipsa...

If only there a way to avoid the traffic casued by single occupant cars

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At once point a car on LN east nearly past you.

The traffic on my ride ( Zoo - Frome St - Greenhill Rd ) was so heavy the other day I swear I had finished a beer at home before the first car I past had made it to N Tce.

A colleague said he got passed by two pedestrians at Unley Road/Greenhill Road.  He caught up with them when he turned onto Flinders Street.  I blamed all the single occupant vehicles in front of him.  He didn't really get it.

Often it is those that are part of the problem that can't see the problem that they are causing.  Just ask them how much longer it took them to get to work today, then tell them that it took you no longer than normal.

Nasty smog layer down there too this morning

It's seriously like watching a movie from a different era. I am surprised it is in color.

The real question is how many were driving to the gym to ride a bike? or is the Landcruiser Sahara V8 needed to mount the kerbs in Frome Street?


I rode along Unley road yesterday at 8:30 and was actually surprised how little traffic there was. It was like school holidays! Wednesday would have been a total nightmare though for anyone who drove that way.

Rolling out of bed and checking the weather on my phone only for google to tell me it is 52 minutes to work...pfft...surely it would know by now that I never drive to work...and they call it a smart phone...30 to 35 minutes every day depending mainly on how many lights I catch coming down Greenhill rd.

Though I must admit to taking an extra minute or two the last week to give myself more time to avoid those trying to kill me (admittedly probably not on purpose) with their cars.

I headed out today at 6am into a beautiful cool dark morning - bombed the MtBike down through a couple of local parks and then enjoyed the swoop down Lwr Portrush Rd heading NW. The corners gliding down the incline that follows Prospect Rd were, as always, just great fun. Approaching work about 30min later the Sun was throwing up beautiful colours in the east.

It ALWAYS takes about 30min.

Gotta pity those poor suffering motorists.


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