Might be a long shot, but I'll ask anyway- can anyone suggest any CBD (or close to) companies that have a positive attitude and encourage staff to commute by bike? Also have good bike lock up facilities, showers etc.

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And the EPA upstairs uses the same facilities as SAW.

Bendigo & Adelaide Bank have bike cages within the parking complex next door (Harris Scarfe) that are only accessible with a staff swipe card. Showers, change rooms, lockers & ample clothes storage make it pretty easy riding to and from.

I assume this is written with job hunting in mind, if you do end up with CBD based employment that doesn't have end of trip facilities, the Myer centre has bike cages, lockers & shower/changing facilities available for permanent hire. 


And the Adelaide City Council U-Parks have bike cages for use for a small fee.

Dept. of Planning and Infrastructure have some good storage (at least in a the buildings I've seen). I'm not sure about their showers etc.

I wonder what facilities have been planned for staff in the new RAH, can anyone let us know?

I work in the huge building at 55 Currie St currently known as the Allianz building, and there is a brand new and very impressive End of Trip facility. I don't have all the numbers and stats, but it features a secure facility with rows bike racks, a choice of vertical or horizontal bike storage, a bike maintenance stand and high-pressure pump, drying room, dirty sink, and plenty of showers and lockers. 

This is a facility shared throughout the building. Obviously the Allianz call centre is based there, also quite a few government depts like the Passport office, Fed police, Human Services, and some smaller state govt departments.

Don't know if it's still the case but Telstra used to have secure bike locking facilities in there yard just off Pirie Street.



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