Charles Sturt Ride to Work Day Community Breakfast Cancelled

Hello Superstars, sorry to announce that the Charles Sturt Community Breakfast at Adam St Port Rd corner has been cancelled. There are still other events across the City that you can go to though. Enjoy your ride!

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That's a shame. I can understand with the wind the way it is.

I hope this doesn't put too many people of riding to work tomorrow. If it is a bit of a lost day I encounter you to join and get your colleagues riding as well.

Thanks for putting the map up though of all the events, hopefully if people were planning on attending this one, they will ride that little bit further to one in the City.

Unfortunately Tour de Work is only for the City workers, and does not extend to us in the 'burbs.

We have a regular riding group at Charles Sturt, and take part in a number of events in Adelaide, as well as promoting some of our own.
I'm not so sure about that. It is sponsored by Adelaide City Council but I can't see why organisation not in the city square can't be in it. Perhaps email the organiser from the council for clarification.


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