Hey y'all. Thinking about the possibility of changing my standard cranks to compact. I currently run shimano 105 5700l (if that means anything) and have a couple of Q's for all the technically minded peeps out there

1- I've seen a shim 105 5750 crank. Will this fit my existing set up?
2- do I need to change the bottom bracket?

Thanks for any feedback in advance!

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haha it is hard enough trying to sort out if i want compacts or new cassette!

LOL. Get both. :-D

I think Shav is spending all you $$ Trent :)

I think there might some cash left in the budget for some FUIC Matt. ;-)

Hey all does when changing cranks does anyone know how to get that little plastic nut thing off on the front/top of the crank..
Can't post a pic as I'm writing this from my phone..

there's a special tool (costs less than $5) to get that off. 

see here


I have one floating around here somewhere, which I dont need if you want it.

Make sure you loosen those two screws on the non drive side crank before trying to remove that plastic do dad on the side of the crank....

If you want to climb faster, get compacts. PERIOD.

Even the pro's use em. 42 used to be the standard in the peleton and now 39 and 34. Thats with INCREASED 'preparation' methods.


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