The government is planning to make changes at the Portrush Road / Magill Road intersection.  No plans I can see yet except for some TV coverage.  You can register interest here

If they improved the LH turn off Magill onto Portrush, by moving the slip lane further back up Magill Road for example,  it might decrease the rat runners using Beulah Road which would be a good thing.  Of course they might do something else that makes it worse!


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So from the detail on Steve Marshall's facebook page it seems there won't be any additional LH turn slip lane from Magill westbound to Portrush southbound.  So we can expect a continuation of the rat runners coming off Magill as it backs up and cutting through Beulah Park and onto Beulah Road.  Shame.  I wonder if anyone at Burnside Council is monitoring this ?

I thought slip lanes were being removed/phased out across the board due the high number of crashes and drivers not giving way to pedestrians

Interesting I didn't know that. Thanks.  No sign of that on the other corners at that intersection. 

First I've heard of that. A VicRoads 2016 design guide says this (below in italics), but I don't have time to chase those design guides at the moment.

For guidance regarding the use of left turn slip lanes at signalised intersections, practitioners should refer to the guidance in the following documents:

• Austroads Guide to Traffic Management Part 6: Intersections, Interchanges and Crossings

• AS 1742.10: Pedestrian control and protection

• Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 4A: Unsignalised and Signalised Intersections

Practitioners should consider the operational benefits and risks of this treatment when implementing at signalised intersections, including from a Safe System perspective.

Yes, slip lanes put cyclists and pedestrians at additional risk and serve no benefit to motorists in heavy traffic anyway. Slip lanes basically just increase the variance in travel times between light and heavy traffic.

The solution to rat-running is one-way streets or physical barriers as they do in the Netherlands...

My recollection is that some years ago Adelaide City Council supported decreasing the number of left-turn slip lanes to improve safety of vulnerable road users from motor vehicles. Don't know the current ACC policy.


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