So I've been doing some thinking. After nearly eight years this site and readership has changed from the 'pre-Facebook' dominated era to a time when Facebook, Twitter and to a less extent Instagram etc are the easy go-to places to connect with others and find out more about subjects like cycling. 

What I do defend is, it's not a place for everything about cycling, but cycling in Adelaide, SA and I've tried to keep it limited to that—because let's face it, there's enough going on. Also, after period when group rides were organised under this site's banner, I left it to others to do the in real life meeting up and group ride organising.

Again, like every media outlet is freaked out by Facebook's dominance, group rides have also gravitated to being organised on that platform as have ride reports/debriefs. The groups who still use AC as their main platform are more than welcome to keep doing so.

So what's the role of this site now? I've decided to experiment with sharing more news stories. I often see great stories from the wider Adelaide cycling community and share on Twitter, but not here. I'm going to do a bit of tinkering with layout and how the parts of the site work but in short:

The Adl_Cyclists Twitter feed is now embedded so you can see at a glance the latest. It also auto feeds new forum posts. It's on the top left but might move.

What was formerly know as blogs will now become News with its own menu. A place for news stories created in the most by me or sent to me via email, DM or Twitter. They'll display in chronological order, comments enabled. The first 10 or so are posted at the bottom of the main page. I imagine this module will move to a more prominent place. The idea is readers can drop in, see some current news, check any updates from members and get a basic update of what's going on. This would cover all riding—racing, commuting, advocacy, local business, events etc.

Then there's Strava. Should the feed of the Adelaide Cyclists group on Strava be embedded so readers can see where people are riding? 

More to come. Comments welcome about the future and what role it can play, not so much the 'good ol' days'.

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Thanks Terry. We consider you a South Australian in spirit.

Call me lazy, but I don't really scroll down the page to see what is at the bottom. So I was thinking is it possible/viable/sensible to make the Members/Tweets/Latest Activity/Events buttons not cascaded (I'm sure there is a technical term), and add a few more buttons like Strava etc.

So when you come onto the site you can see all of the content on one "page", so mostly all you see is the discussions down the middle, but off to your left/right is a whole list of buttons that when you click on them cascade and show you the latest activity?

I know nothing about website design, and what results in more page hits, so maybe what I said is a nonsense!?

Gus you are doing a fabulous job, and we are so lucky to have such a great resource as this site.


Gus on Safari on my MacBook Air something is not quite right in the top LH corner.  Fine in Chrome.

That means you're missing the best bit of the site. Weird.

OK I just realised it is the AdBlock extension.  If I turn it off that box disappears and an ad appears.  No problem.

Gus, when I first logon to AC, can see the menu Hub. Once I view a post, cannot find Hub again. Replaced with far left menu Mypage. A nuisance altering the url at top of my screen to reach Hub again.

Nothing has changed with the Hub menu. I suspect a browser issue. You can always just click on the large header title image to go home (hub).


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