CHAMPAGNE BIKE RIDE >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday November 16th 2013

Gawler Wheelers-ROUTE81-Gawler-Virginia-Edinburgh-Gawler-FLAT


No. of Riders : 46



It was a little windy early this morning, however 46 riders joined us to ride a new 63km Gawler Wheelers flat route. The route took many twists and turns along various roads and the SOB. The wind did kick in on a few of the legs just to make the conditions more interesting, although it was fairly moderate.

There was no time to get bored on this route, as before we knew it were riding on a new/different road. There were five regroup stops on the ride and that particularly suited the newer riders….ample time to catch their breath.  The feed-back from the more experienced riders was also positive ie plenty of opportunities to put the foot down and also time to socialise.

Despite a few p*nctures we still arrived back at Café Farina at 10.30, where the GW socialising continued for quite some time.  

NEXT WEEK: We will be holding a GW TRI-RIDE! Yes ...choose from 3 undulating rides through the beautiful Barossa Valley. Part of the route is common to all three rides. Details will be posted on AC Events and YOU are welcome to join us and ride the 59km, 76km or 92km route.


The riders will tell you more about this morning’s ride over the coming days. Thank you to all who rode with us this morning…… it was a pleasure having you join us on another Gawler Wheelers champagne bike ride. Please enjoy:







So sweet! Sue and David before the ride

Vanessa needed the support crew very early on

Good to see Scott with brand new tyres this week. No punctures!

Elaine and Paul at the ride brief

Wilson presenting Chris with the GW Whistle

Gary leading a bunch just out of Gawler

Nearly on the Stuart O’Grady Bikeway

Onto the SOB

Karen, Peter, Ramsay & Elaine on the SOB

Lot's of chatting on the SOB

Terry and crew on the SOB

What’s up Trevor?

Warren, Karen & Kingsley arrive at Virginia

Ray at Virginia

Kevin also arrives

Renee and Vanessa arrive at Virginia

Virginia regroup

David and Terry at the end of the SOB

Last regroup in the shade before heading home

Nicole and Renee about to draw this week’s GW prize winner

Elaine did actually test drive a new saddle. How was it Elaine?

The winner of the STAR CYCLES donated prize is Andrew M


Finally, a reminder that with the weather warming up it is critically important that you are well hydrated when riding. Our CYCLING TIPs for newbies this week is on that subject:




Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.


Gawler Wheelers: Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year 2013

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A howling wind all Friday night meant very little sleep for me so decided against riding and a bit more sleep once the wind died down a bit.  Eventually woke up about 9.30 and went for a cruise on the hybrid (which  I  last rode about 18 months ago, prior to my conversion to the road bike).  70km and still quite gusty made for a tiring day - slept very well last night!

Glad to see that GW enjoyed themselves too.


Good to see that you still managed to get out for a ride Carl.

Know what you mean about the wind overnight....kept me awake as well.

PS...could have been worse....check this out on the Sunshine Coast yesterday!




I think I heard someone was knocked out from being hit on the head by hail - I guess that's another good reason to wear a helmet!


Love your reasoning Scott!!!


I really enjoyed this new route, lots of twists and turns to keep it interesting and not too long in any direction so didn't have to contend with head winds for too long. Yes, I too got a visit from the P fairy, thanks to Mick and Chris for their assistance with that. The new saddle was not particularly comfortable, I think a few more test saddles might be needed. I will be away next weekend and the following weekend is the Ride to Conquer Cancer, which passes right past the homemaker centre, so hope we might get some cheers and support as we pass. (I estimate it will be sometime between 11am and 1pm Sat)



1. Thank you for the feed-back on the new route...glad you enjoyed it.

2. Re the your strategy is to keep testing sadlles from the LBS...that way you will never need to buy one!

3. Hope we can be there in a couple of weeks to cheer on the Conquer Cancer riders.  More details from Elaine:

"Hi Frank,

I have added the link below to the route maps for the RTCC on Sat 30th Nov. and Sun 1st Dec. We leave FMC at 8ish so I imagine the first riders might be passing Farinas around 10.30?, I'll prob be passing at around 12ish? There are a few GWers doing the ride so it would be great if we got some support as we pass the homemaker centre. (I know I will need it :-)" day 1, FMC to Nuriootpa day 2 Nuriootpa to FMC




4. Here you are leading the guys on yesterday's ride.


I really enjoyed yesterday's ride too. Flat, which I'm always happy with, but with some variety to our usual rides helped overcome the boredom that sometimes comes with long flat rides. Decided to drive into the shop to collect yesterdays prize and then ride from there so ended with 90k, my longest ride for some years. The wind wasn't too bad, much better than I had expected and I mixed my ride with keeping up with the front riders and also taking things a bit easier at times, always remembering that I still had to ride back to Elizabeth. Arrived back at the shop and found they were very busy so I helped out the guys for a while before putting my bike on the car to drive home. Damn p***f**  flat tyre on the back!!  Well at least I got back before it went flat on me.

I was having a look at my tyres before the ride and thinking they were getting a bit thin and a few too many tread cuts. Even dug out a few small stones while listening to Wilson, so new tyres might be on the machine tomorrow.

Really good also to see my friend Darryl come out with us again. There's getting to be a bit of a group of ex racing cyclists of the 60-70s with Darryl, Doug, Kingsley, Tony and myself. Trying to talk a few others into coming out too, but no luck so far.



Glad you also enjoyed the ride.

Re your last sentence:

" I was having a look at my tyres before the ride and thinking they were getting a bit thin and a few too many tread cuts. Even dug out a few small stones while listening to Wilson, so new tyres might be on the machine tomorrow."

That is good .does not matter what brand...if they are getting thin/worn...replace them. you pay for your tyres???


Gary Mills.....CEO STAR CYCLES & AC SPONSOR on yesterday's ride.


Gosh CEO sounds top notch stuff Gazza :) 

Happy that someone gives me the respect that I deserve :)

Just get on with it and sell bikes..stop your winging :)..never know I might even buy one off you soon


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