After watching Cycling Malvern YT video

Carpark Hill Climbs in Melbs is quite new and taking off!
I haven't heard anything like this in Adelaide as yet. Does anyone know of any rumblings about starting such a thing?
Any cycling clubs looking into it?

I would sign up in a heart beat if it comes to Adelaide.

Thoughts people? Yay or Nay to the idea?
Potential car park buildings?

Adelaide city council likely to get in the way?? Too much red tape??

If its not such a thing... yet, where would be the best point to get the ball (wheels) rolling on this?



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Looks great!

Did one in Perth WA twenty years ago, but now at 76, not looking to do another ! 

It's a great idea. Safe, dry and consistent. Lots of opportunity for heckling

I'd say to see it happen here, book it and they will come. Talk to a car park (or not), create an event, promo it and it'll happen. Dirty Dozen is what it is today because of one person's drive.

If you're a member of a CSA club, try them. Clubs should be keen on finding new ways of connecting with cyclists.

I have tracked down VTWO who organised the event, they are looking to go national!
Naturally they are working through legal and organisational requirements to get it up and running.

That's good news. It's always best to let an experienced group take it on. 

They have some infrastructure around the organising of it, understand of the relevant insurances so they can fire away. Hopefully it comes to Adelaide sooner rather than later.
Chase some hobbits on bikes up a car park!

it would be an absolute buzz , it would bring something completley different to cycling , can you imagine a rainy day spent blasting up  a smooth concrete incline  undercover  ? one could ponder chainring size all day .lets hope it comes here   

Hope they have some age group stuff - happy to drop a few "youngsters" though ;-P

Bill I've already decided a 39 up front sitting on a 13-14 on the back and spin to win! Off the saddle on the straights on the saddle round the corners. Hopefully it comes over here. Def it should get good numbers
There are many categories including some crazy ones. I think it's have bike go ride. I get the feeling after the first event you get graded. A bit like th first time you race CX. Once you know where you sit your adjusted from there.

From a few YT vids I've watched and a few blogs its mainly about the cycling community getting together and having a roll and a whole heap of fun. A couple or few hundred riders rock up in the middle of winter, ride 3-5 passes in the night, down a couple coffees from a portable coffee van. Everyone wins!

you might be able to get a sponsor on board, like the carpark or get a charity involved

They did a fixed gear category in the Melbourne one. Would totally want to ride that. Had a few friends did it, and they said the atmosphere was just tops. Fingers crossed it gets off the ground... See what I did there? Yes, I am a father.


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