A neighbour of my SIL has a Carlton Rapide hanging up in the shed, rusty chain etc but of great sentimental value. Would like to know where to look with a view to restoring it herself or

Plan B Is it of any value to a collector restorer.

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Community Bike Workshop for help/guidance in necessary work?

Nice idea but she lives in Murray Bridge but maybe she can get some advice at the men's shed.

If she is ridgy-didge do it her-self!

Disassemble. Clean up the parts, replace bits required - enjoy restored bike.

Easy in text - hard in reality ;-)

Does she have tools?

I did one myself a few years back. As already mentioned about all that was needed was a complete pull apart and clean and in the end very few new parts needed. Just cables, brake pads, tyres & tubes. A really nice bike to ride as well. Worth the effort I think.


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