Opinions wanted!! on road bike.

I currently ride a carbon frame but really love the look (and Durability) of Titanium.

Has anybody owned or ridden both?

If the bikes were spec'ed the same (groupset, wheelset etc) and weighed about the same, what differences could I expect.

Are Titanium frames pretty stiff?? Would I be disappointed going from Carbon to Titanium??

Many thanks.

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You can have a Ti frame built to be stiff, flexy, or anywhere in between, just like any other frame material.  Personally, I prefer my Ti frame over my carbon and steel frames primarily due to durability.

I would expect a Ti bike to be a little heavier than a similarly spec'd carbon bike.  

I have been doing a fair bit of research into Ti bikes and with any luck will be my next bike. Currently I ride a carbon bike and want to go to Ti for 1) softer feel, 2) to be different, 3) durability.

Stiffness may on average be less than Carbon but there are some pretty stiff ones out there. Much like carbon bikes stiffness is dependent on the layup of the carbon, Ti frames stiffness is determined by both the design of the frame, welds (the amount of Ti touching Ti at each point) and the type of Ti used - 3al/4v most common, 6al4v more rarely but stiffer and more expensive.

Depending on the design of the frame I believe is the most important, do you want a fast race bike, a sportive - 150km+ bike or something in between, you can get whatever you want. I dont think you will be found wanting.

Both carbon and Ti bikes can come with a BB30 which will stiffen the bottom bracket and may be worth looking into.

Ti bikes are now coming available with the ability to carry electronic gearing if that appeals as well.

The weight of a Ti compared to carbon frame is approx 400 grams for the same setup, so not a problem for most of us.

Check the websites for Lynskey, Van Nicholas, Baum, Moots, Seven, Serotto for as much info as you wish. For a great summary see http://bicyclingaustralia.com.au/content/2010/06/michael-hanslip/wo....

I cant wait to build mine from scratch with the exact componants I want, not what a manufacturer wish for me to have. They are expensive enough let alone upgrade to what you really want down the track.

Hope this helps.

I love my choice of Ti frame.  I took a long time to weigh up all the pros & cons between choosing Ti over carbon or steel or alloy.  Whilst a little expensive at the time, I'm happy with my choice and the ride.  

I'm of the opinion now, that mostly, all frame materials come fairly close to being equal to one another.  I think it really depends on manufacturers quality these days.

Whilst Ti being heavier than carbon, I'm happy to work on my fitness to compensate for that, I do tend to find that I stick out from the carbon crowd.

from what I have heard they are all about customer service too.

@Frank....Baum =beautiful

I ride with a bloke that owns a Lynskey, very nice

Thanks everyone. Confirmed what I thought, beautiful and durable. Now, to convince the other half....,
all the best Rod and may you enjoy your new ride....look up Seven located in Melbourne for made to measure Titanium.....
So I bit-the-bullet and got a titanium bike. It turned up on thursday and after assembly and a short ride on Friday to make adjustments got is first proper group ride today....in the rain.
First impressions?
Wow!! It's like riding on a cloud! I feel so fresh after the ride it's not funny. Road vibration and bumps are just soaked up, it goes uphill, downhill and around corners as good if not better than anything I've ridden before and looks cool as hell doing it!
It was covered in muck but a quick wipe down had it looking like new again.
I recommend anyone thinking of making the switch to Ti to go for it, you won't be sorry!
Looks like I'll be selling my 12 week old TCR 2 then!

Congratulations, well done. Where did you end up buying?

I was at a quiz night last night and I got talking to a bloke who bought a frame about 2 yrs ago from a Chinese manufacturer. He sent them his design (based on their's I guess) and after a little bit of back and forth he locked it in and paid. 2 days later it was made and shipped.

this is the place if anyone is interested http://www.xacd.com.cn/about.htm  

He paid about $400 (now I'm not saying this is perfect, all about the fit etc, just one person's experience (punt))


I got a Van Nicholas out of Sydney. Interesting web site you attached. The Internet is certainly giving us lots of options for us to get our cycling gear.
Hi Rod - I'm looking at ti as well. If I can ask, what sort of riding do you do? Which VN did you get? Because I like the idea of the Aquilo, but I'm not sure if it is right for my riding yet.


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