A black VW Golf plowed through a Critical Mass Ride in Porto Alegre today. Nobody was killed but there were 16 injuries. 

When you see the replay you will probably ask the same question I did: How was nobody killed?

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I can't believe that there are comments that almost justify or at the very least down play the actions of the driver. The video clip almost made me sick.


I cant stand 'rent-a-protesters', anti abortion extremists, neo Nazis (not necessarily in that order), but I don't go out and drive over them, or attempt to kill them in some other fashion.


Give me a break, the driver was frustrated? So felt the need to run over 16 people? No excuse, whether the critical mass is a nuisance or not.


Retaliated accordingly.....Mate I hope that I'm taking that comment out of context!

Darren, I agree that deliberating hitting a group of cyclists, injuring 16, is unjustified.
Wednesday 2-Mar-2011 5.50am and this news appeared in words at the bottom of Channel 7 Sunrise. (Up early to count cyclists for ACC from 7am.)

Darren, I wrote in my post that I dont believe the drivers actions were justified. In fact I said that what he did was inexcusable... my point was that I believe CM rides are not safe because they make drivers angry, thanks to the collective conciousness of the world, not all drivers retaliate the same way that nut did in Brazil.


@ Wombat1. On the issue of CM rides in general, i think deliberately disrupting traffic to promote awareness of cyclists rights is counterproductive. if you tried to convince a driver (or even a cyclists) who had his/her route disrupted by a CM ride that you disrupted their drive to promote cyclists rights on the road, im sure the majority of responses wouldnt be favourable.


to help promote cyclists rights and safety i will ride sensibly (that is by following road rules) and ill support the amy gillet ride with police escorts, road closures and media coverage of the cause.

Those BikeSA rides only have SOME roads closed (such as the Southern Expressway) and most of the roads are open, public roads. Yes, there are instructions to the riders to not unnecessarily inhibit traffic, but how can a few thousand cyclists NOT inhibit traffic?


I applaud your chivalry in "riding sensibly" by obeying the law, but some cyclists don't feel the same as you about how they are treated as second class citizens on the roads and choose to express that in the CM rides. I say, "Fair enough."


I have no issue with all who choose to attempt to obey every letter of every road rule, but I also have no issue with those who choose to participate in CM rides. Good on them. It was people like them back in the 70's in Canberra who got buses with bike racks and many miles of off-road cycle paths. Have you ever been a part of one? have you ever been a part of other protests? Do you have a passion for anything in your life that you would fight for the right to do? THAT is how I imagine some of these CMers feel about cycling, so how about we all just back off and let them do their thing?!?

Thanks Andrew.


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