A black VW Golf plowed through a Critical Mass Ride in Porto Alegre today. Nobody was killed but there were 16 injuries. 

When you see the replay you will probably ask the same question I did: How was nobody killed?

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Here is a link to a blog that has more video links if your stomach is up to it...

I found a couple of articles on the incident, which make it clear that it was a planned attack on the group, at a speed which should have it treated as attempted murder.

But I also wonder whether it's one of those CM rides which deliberately blocks traffic - I couldn't tell from the clip. If so, it's a red rag to a handful of maniacs in cars out there. I think there have been deliberate lower-speed collisions with CM groups before.

'Critical mass' rides are unnecessary and provokative... The driver (whose behaviour was inexcusable) probably saw the critical mass ride as a punch in the face and retaliated accordingly...


Nobody deserves to be run over for any reason (and im glad to hear that nobody was killed in that vid)


I hope 'critical mass' rides never catch on in Adelaide.

Tom, when drivers block cyclists, by parking or stopping across bicycle lanes, cyclists do not act as aggressively as the reported driver. Despite such driver provocation on a daily basis, cyclists do not key along the paint work, let alone attempt to injure or kill drivers.
A rather one-sided debate - the group of cyclists who think that deliberately provoking drivers is a good idea is aggressively vocal, but very small. Like those who get upset about having to wear a helmet, or employ a personal barista :-)
Actually, some do scratch paint, snap off antennas etc. I've even seen it a few times.

Yes, and some lycra-clad riders have been known to lose their cool and act similarly, so don't try and tell me it's just those who are involved in CM rides who act like that. I have experienced very high levels of frustration and even anger on occasion too.(never enough to damage a car I might add) I can understand the emotion that leads to that type of action. I don't condone it, but I understand it.


Mind you, I have seen motorcyclists and drivers of other cars do similar and worse things in the heat of the moment too. None of it is justified, but all of it understood.

Very sad

and a gutsy place to have a critical mass.

Ontop of all the gangland stuff we know that goes on in Brazil my barista tells me stories about all the people on motorbikes there. If you don't position your car in its lane correctly and not leave enough room for motorcyclists many of them will just plow through the gaps anyway and take your mirrors with them.

Not much tolerance in that city .

Things have apparently been improving.


Crime in Brazil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Crime rates vary greatly across the country, with a higher incidence in metropolitan ..... Crime in Brazil; ^ Brazil murder rate similar to war zone, ... - Cached - Similar"



I am happy for this to be "hijacked" by the discussion as to whether Critical Mass rides are just provocative or have other purposes.


I actually really like the idea of Critical Mass rides (and mass rides of other types as have been run and advertised throughout this city on a regular basis whether they are called "Critical Mass" rides or not. They often have the same effect on traffic: to make it stop or change its actions away from the norm. In fact, the one time I have ridden with the CVSA Cycle Team was between the city and Glenelg for Lance's Twitter ride and, when the Radioshack Team Car and support vehicles sat beside us on Anzac Highway, ALL the traffic heading that direction was slowed to our pace. What is the difference between this action which was, in part, for publicity around the issue of Cancer and the publicity sought by some of those who join CM rides?


I am not saying the CVSA ride was wrong.


What I am saying is why is that one ok and a CM ride not?


Questions for all of you: Were you a part of that CVSA ride? Were you ok with taking up all 3 lanes of Anzac Hwy traffic?


Critical Mass Rides all happen on Friday nights around the world. Part of the aim of the CM ride IS to disrupt traffic, but at a time when it is not going to effect people in their work or travel to or from (mostly). It is aimed at bringing attention to cycling and to the number of people who cycle. It is aimed at bringing the focus of governments and drivers of the reality of more people on more bikes. There are other issues as well, such as the environment, that are raised.


What is the problem with this extra exposure for all cyclists? Those who take part in CM rides are doing a job for ALL cyclists in promoting our cause.


Please, discuss.

This "reality" being, obviously, that cyclists deliberately obstruct other road users to cause widespread frustration and provoke occasional extreme responses. No wonder everyone looks forward to seeing more and more of us!

If you ride with the intention of obstructing anyone else on the road, you are not doing a "job" for me or, IMHO, cyclists in general. But others can speak for themselves - sweeping generalizations about "cyclists" are always suspect.

The one generalisation is that we are all cyclists and we are all in the same vulnerable position on the roads. Whether you like it or not, these cyclists DO speak for you in their CM rides just as you speak for them in your lycra. Again this becomes an us and them argument that has no place in "community".
Upon watching the video a few times, I am extremely surprised that no one was killed seeing as very few are wearing helmets!


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