Cause many accidents according to hospital data.

Austroads publication AP-R157, "Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety - Investigation of Accidents in Different Road Environments".  Available for free download from: /span>>  (requires you to register).

Doorings, as percentage of total cyclist injuries in different places (from
table on page 36):
40.7% Sydney CBD
17.6% Sydney rest of city
14.5% Sydney inner metro
6.1%  Sydney outer metro
29.9%  Melbourne CBD
20.1%  Melbourne rest of city
10.3%  Melbourne inner metro
2.7%   Melbourne outer metro

Cyclists make mistakes, so do motorists but cyclists don't have doors.

Take where i ride for example "Sydney Cbd" Lets say cyclists make just as many mistakes as motorists. 

29.65%  acccidents caused by cyclists

29.65% accidents caused by motorists + 40.7% car doors.

What do you think? 

Does that sound reasonable to you?

Considering cyclsists seem to have a lot of "silly"accidents that don't involve automobiles 40.7% is a fairly remarkable statistic.

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The passenger door of a car in traffic is my only city wreck... Funny thing is I was a wuss and cold after work so I rode in my leather motorcycle jacket for an errand. still scraped some skin on my shoulder.
Nope, never been hit or even had a close call. I leave plenty of room, and if it blocks anyone behind me, too bad. At least I'm not a pootler :-)
Its not so obvious in the discussion title.

According to hospital data 40.7% of Sydney cbd cycling accidents are from car doors.

Never forget the time i got passenger doored on the corner of franklin and king william st. The car was still moving slowly, the lady in the passenger seat leant over to kiss her husband goodbye and with her opposite hand flung the car door open.

Wasn't going quickly enough to hurt myself badly but i was still seriously peed off.
If you have to ride in the door zone don't do it at high speeds.
coin the new term "I just got doored". For when bad things happen to you that you have no control over.
My wife once opened a car door to get out of a car and collected a cyclist! Luckily he (or his bike!) wasn't hurt... Car was in traffic and she got out the passenger side! Poor guy was riding up the left of stationary traffic and got hammered! Damaged the car door more than him... Being a fellow cyclist I was glad it wasn't me (on either side of the door)!

And no, this incident didn't occur "on the corner of franklin and king william st", and I wasn't there..!
I heard somewhere that in Japan if you don't pause after slightly opening your car door you fail your driving test.
Another thing to watch out for is buses which let out passengers between stops while they're waiting at lights, because you won't see the doors open and they'll suddenly step out into your path.

I'm sure bus drivers aren't supposed to do this, even though they're trying to be helpful, and I've given a few an earful after almost colliding with their passengers.
Not sure if its the same in Adelaide as Sydney these days but most taxi drivers attained their Australian drivers license through already having an overseas license.

Most Sydney Taxi drivers have never passed an Australian driving test (besides the induction they get from their employer.)_


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