For anyone who doesnt follow Fabian on twitter take a gander at this:



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Wow!  So it happens to the best of us cyclists...

My recent collarbone break was very similar to his, but with the addition of shattered shoulder bone.  I think they have done a better job of putting his back together - a much tidier set up with the little rod.  I have a great big rectangle of metal with six screws that looks like they whipped out to Bunnings to buy the hardware.  The plate tends to inhibit healing, I think the way Cancellara's has been done will promote healing.

I have managed to scan my x-ray, despite the tech support guy in Canon saying that it was impossible without a very expensive rarer type of scanner than mine.  

There are a couple of things not done properly here - I have put the image in so that it is reversed - it is actually the right clavicle and scapula, and there are some watermarks on the image from leaving the x-ray in the car, when it rained with the window open.  The smashed up scapula bits can be seen sticking out in all the wrong angles and apart from the rest of itself.

Here it is



Yes it was very ouch!

Oh Katrina, so glad you mentioned the watermarks that mark in the mid ribcage area is bordering on obscene.

Clive that indicates a dicky scapula to those of us in the know.

One of the screws seems excessively long (the fourth one).....looks ouch :(

That was so that they could get that middle bit of bone that was broken away from the other two bits, and they put it in on a bit of an angle.

That's some nice bone separation you have going there, but as we say in the model aircraft groups (usually with a bag of foam bits resembling a plane) it'll buff out :)

I hope you are taking it easy, and have a trainer to ride on so the legs can keep going while the rest heals.

I think his is permanent though, whereas yours could be removed once the bone knits.

I have been told by other cyclists that I should have it removed.  The reason given is that next time, and collar bone breaks are common in cycling, because of the plate being there, it will cause the bone to shatter, rather than break.  Then it would require bone grafts from the hip and all sorts of horrible nasties.

The doctor said that the plate should remain in for a year at least.  At this stage, unfortunately for me, it is apparently not healing.  The bone is supposed to slough off these cells and fill up the broken gaps, but so far...nothing.  He is concerned about it as it has been nearly six weeks.  I am now cutting back on sugar and taking Ca supplements, vitamin D, Mg tablets thanks to people's good advice.  I hope they work.

exactly. the reason it will shatter is all the screws are weak points, so it will break around them. The Calcium supplements you are taking should work pretty well, they have been for me


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