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While I was out riding yesterday a female driver was neglecting cyclist safety by cutting me off, if I didn't brake hard she would have run over me. I always have my camera on at all time while riding and I recorded the entire footage, although no one is hurt but the driver did not allow the 1 metre clearance and she cut me off right in front of me, I was going at least 30kph and my Garmin overlay can proof it. I think she deserves a fine. Here is frame captured, that's how close she was!

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Hi Ket. According to the SAPOL site dangerous driving can not be reported online. However, if you made contact you could! Details: https://www.police.sa.gov.au/services-and-events/make-a-report-to-t...
Thanks Andrew, hmm... that sucks, so all those new laws means nothing really, drivers can drive as close to millimeters as they want and get away with it because they didn't make a contact. What if they caused a bike crash without making contact I wonder.

Thank you Dave, very informative, I would consider reporting this, this may be the driver's one-off mistake but she needs to understand the importance of road safety for others.

Also, print out a series of still frames showing the progression of events.  Give them to the police at the station.  It is often the case that they won't accept electronic transfer of information such as photos.  I've had this myself, especially when you get fobbed off.


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