I did the H'eroica today, following all of the dirt roads which was a lonely experience I must say. On the return trip I used the Gorge Road route to Cambelltown, forgetting that this stretch is Moto GP for the motorcycling fraternity. I got buzzed by 3 motorcycles on a straighter stretch in gaps of 10 seconds or so. These guys were doing maybe 160kmh and got deliberately close, like within a metre. The fourth encountered me on a sweeping left hander through a culvert, so he only saw me at the last moment and i completely upset his line so he drifted at high speed onto the other side of the road and was nearly collected by an oncoming car. Clearly, these guys dont like cyclists on their patch. Anyone else had a similar experience on this stretch.? I must say I was pooping myself, and more so when they had finished their dash and gathered a couple of km ahead to give me the stare. Wont be riding that way again on a weekend!

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you might be pleased to know then, that my group saw a really nasty motorcycle smash on the Gorge about 2.30pm ....

I cant see why anyone would be pleased by that.

Yes I witnessed that just after it happened too, looked like they were trying to clear up the scene before the boys in blue showed up

I think we see motorbikes in the same way pedestrians see us - scary speed demons who buzz past you within inches. In other words, they're probably well in control and behaving within reason, but of course what seems reasonable to one person can still be scary to another.

Breaking the speed limit though and then being mad at you for being there? That's a special kind of idiot.

There was a big convoy of motor bikes going up Norton Summit yesterday. I was stopped fixing a puncture on the down hill so they didn't bother me but they were going very fast past cyclists cranking their way uphill and as you observed with your experience, they seemed unnecessarily close. One cyclist showed clear frustration because there were just so many of them passing him very fast.

Today I went up the bike path to Crafers, down Sheoak and down Old Belair Rd and had a fantastic ride until I got back tot he traffic on Fullarton Rd. I just don't get why some people insist on passing so closely. In some cases, the right hand lane is clear yet they won't move over. I having been riding further to the right to try to make them change lanes but some refuse and pass stupidly close.

I realise that these people probably don't ride bikes, but I'd love for them to experience what it is like to have some knucklehead in a car or B Double truck come as close as they sometimes do overtaking cyclists.

Thousands of car drivers are very good, driving safely past with a reasonable gap or waiting to change lanes, showing that we can both use the roads safely. It only takes one however to ruin your life or take it completely.

'cyclists on their patch' 'Wont be riding that way again on a weekend!' Really? Someone is seriously in need of an attitude adjustment. When I am on a public road, that's my patch. I seem to be able to use a bicycle, a motorcycle, a car or larger vehicle on a public road without endangering or intimidating other road users. I expect no less in return. If you think a particular section of the community is systematically breaching the road rules, report them to the appropriate authorities, don't just acquiesce.

 its been known for years that this is an unofficial motorcycle TT, its gets press reporting every so often, and the cops certainly know about it, not to mention the paramedics who attend the frequent offs. I would have avoided it if i had remembered. I dont think i'm going to add anything by reporting what is a well known problem, and yeah, me versus a  handful of bikers, hands up, I acquiesce with no attitude adjustment.

We were also riding back and a three wheeler came very close. It was as if the rider had no idea about the width of their front two wheels. I regularly ride down there on a Sunday but rarely after 11.30am. The later time was noticeably busier.


I did the H'eroica today, following all of the dirt roads which was a lonely experience I must say.

Did you mean lovely... or lonely?

it was both!  there were some fantastic views that you dont ordinarily see when riding on the tarmac. I followed the route pretty closely, and didn't see anyone else after Wightman's road.   The Berry Hill road through to Neudorf road route was closed by chain with a black and yellow reflector on it. At Norton Summit, most of the riders were on road bikes and from my experience on an mtb, they would have had difficulty getting any traction on some of the steep gravel climbs.

So were you between the two groups, and rode the extended bit to Gumeracha? I'm surprised you didn't catch up with the front group because we must have spent at least 45minutes on the side of the road fixing punctures? We also retraced our path from Gumeracha to the top of Langley Rd, and we didn't see anyone coming the other direction.

I did say in the H'Eroica discussion/event that the Berry Hill Rd descent was precipitous, and it had a chain across the top and a gate at the bottom, but it is a CFS fire track, and navigable, but not necessarily ridable for most people. I rode down there on my steel road bike, basically because I am an idiot, and to prove you can do it!

The roads out that way are a bit remote, and you have to know where you are going, and some idea of the conditions of them, so that is why Gus highlighted at NS the importance of staying together, or at least with one other person.

As for traction, mostly our group (all but one on road/cx bikes), and tyres ranging from 23-35mm, found even the steepest bits (up to and past the Peugeot graveyard) quite ridable, but it came down to keeping more weight over the back wheel than you would on bitumen.

I am disappointed personally, and for you, that you didn't find the experience as inclusive as it could have been.

I also got forced off the edge of Gorge Rd by a red Ford ute, which I excellently have on video now that I have worked out how to use my GoPro! Once I work out how to edit the video I will post it somewhere..

@Kata T, PM me. You can send the file via dropbox and I can easily edit it for you in a few mins. Easy upload to youtube from there.

The more stuff like that on youtube, the more people are going to be cautious next time. Also the beauty of YT is anyone can post anything totally anonymously.


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