I think that it has been discussed before on this site but can anyone remember discussions concerning buses stopping for longer in bike lanes (particularly operational ones) than just allowing passengers to embark and disembark. I mean stopping while the driver goes for a fag, wee, coffee or all three or just waits on the bus for a few minutes to get back on time with his timetable. I think the argument of the legality of this has been sorted opt but I just can't find any info on it.

Can anyone help please. - Thanks

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Hi Jeremy,

Rules relating to stopping and driving in bike lanes can be found in the Australian Road Rules (Rules 153 and 187). They are pretty self explanatory, however the short answer to your question is that buses cannot stop / drive in bike lane unless engaging in passenger related activity (ie dropping off /picking up).

Here is a quick link the the Road Rules (direct from the SA Legislation website)


Hope this helps.

PS - this includes not stopping to merely "catch up on timetable".

Jeremy, in Feb-2012 I observed 4 buses parked in the 24-hr Fitzroy Terrace bicycle lane, plus other breaches of ARR. I wrote a detailed letter to Hon Chloe Fox MP, Minister for Transport Services, ministerfox@sa.gov.au, quoting ARR. With copy to the local Member for Adelaide, Rachel Sanderson MP who supports cycling. Mark Parnell MLC has since joined a cycling hazard report system so recommend sending him a copy at parnell@parliament.sa.gov.au

I was dissatisfied with the replies from Minister Fox and that bus company. Responses included removing the 24-hr bicycle lane for bus parking, and removing the bicycle-pedestrian passageway. Bus companies keep video for about 2 weeks and with a little time delay, could claim that the video had been over-written. Do report but do not expect miracles unless you have photographic proof showing time frame. The illegal parking by buses in this bicycle lane continues.

Below have added ARR that I referenced in my letter.
Bus vacant with no driver or passengers.
-- Breached ARR reg. 208 (3) by not positioning the vehicle as near as practicable to the left side of the road. Refer http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/sa/consol_reg/arr210/s208.html
-- Breached ARR reg. 187 (1) (a) when the driver parked an unattended bus in a 24-hour bicycle lane so not dropping off, or picking up, passengers. Refer http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/sa/consol_reg/arr210/s187.html
-- Breached ARR reg. 350 (3) when the driver parked the bus across the way of access. Refer http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/sa/consol_reg/arr210/s350.html
-- Breached ARR reg. 198 (1) when the bus obstructed access to a bicycle passageway. More needs to be done by DPTI to alert drivers that it is a bicycle passageway and to keep clear for the safety of cyclists. Refer footnote. Refer http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/sa/consol_reg/arr210/s198.html

In return for my research and info, please join any of my AC advocacy groups like Adelaide BUG. Make it obvious to the MPs that you sent a copy to me. I would then be prepared to help you further.

They are only allowed to pick up and let out passengers.

Very interesting. There has regularly been a bus parked in the bike lane in Frome Road in front of the WCH in the morning at peak times. Very dangerous to ride around as the road is narrowing.

I presumed they were entitled to do so, as it is so much a regular event.

Thanks for the info, will now try talking to the drivers, and photograph and report.

I have complained to Adelaide Metro multiple times about buses doing this on Magill Rd in Peak hour times. The timetables are ridiculously wrong, so they sit in the bike lane with their hazard lights on waiting to catch up time, more often in school holidays when there are less passengers. Magill Rd is also a clearway in this time so two wrongs (makes a right? lol). Basically it's against the road rules.

Thanks Everyone that was my understanding although I thought there had been a thread previously which had come to a satisfactory conclusion from our point of view. It may have been Heather's as mentioned above but she is definitely not satisfied by the looks.

A little more detail on my issue(s). Living in the North East most bus routes are run by Transfield and I contacted them to ask what their procedure was if the bus was going to stay longer at the Bus Stop (bike lane or not) than just to allow passengers to embark and disembark. They advised that they should use their hazard lights. This should also be the case if they are having issues with a passenger which is causing the bus departure to be delayed. I also asked if the points where they may stop to catch up the timetable etc were predetermined or whether it was at the discretion of the driver. I was told it was a bit of both. I then asked if the drivers were expected to show a bit of common sense and not do it in the rush hour, on a major road smack in the middle of roadworks where vehicle movement was severely hampered already i.e. North East Road. In this particular situation the driver was getting out the bus and having a smoke at the stop while traffic was banking up for miles (bit of an exaggeration). Also no hazard lights flashing.

They agreed that was not good practice and would expect their drivers to be a little more proactive and at the same time though nobody had ever raised this issue before so it was not a problem they were aware of.

Finally I approached the issue of whether they should be carrying out the practice of catching up with the timetable at a bus stop where they are blocking an operational bike lane. I was told that this was not an issue and they were allowed to do it quoting union issues etc and ignoring my amateur reference to the road rules.

I was not happy with the response but at the same time the problem seemed to be fixed as I personally was not aware of it happening again on North East Rd and I have also noticed an increase in the use of Flashing hazard Lights probably at about 80%. Until last night night when smack in the middle of the new roadworks on North East Rd there is a bus blocking traffic and the faint plume of smoke rising from the bus shelter (again I exaggerate) no flashing lights.

Jeremy, interesting in that the public transport company is instructing their drivers to take actions which breach the Australian Road Rules. And even worse, in the process create a hazard for vulnerable road users of cyclists. "quoting union issues" but how about quoting ARR and following them?

Below are some words from my letter reporting bus driver ARR breaches on 16-Feb-2012.

"A driver was standing inside bus number 2371, so I thought he was the driver for this bus. I spoke to him, pointing out that a public bus is permitted to stop momentarily in a bicycle lane to pick-up and set-down passengers, but is not permitted to park in a bicycle lane. He said it was not his fault – he was doing what he was told. I replied that as a professional driver he should know the Australian Road Rules . . . A bus driver wore a ‘Translink’ badge."


"at the same time though nobody had ever raised this issue" When did Translink reply to you? Are they telling porkies which they expect you to believe because they are unaware of AC networking?


Jeremy, I would like you to join Adelaide BUG that I coordinate, swap email addresses via AC email, and swap letters now. Then next time you make written complaints to bus companies, make it obvious that you are not the only cyclist who has reported 'professional drivers' and sending a copy to the Adelaide BUG coordinator.

Heather my contact with them was an informal phone discussion about 3 months ago and I have nothing in writing as I was actually enquiring regards their understanding/interpretations rather than making a complaint. I am not in a position to get too active in this arena I raised the topic hoping to be given directions which would enable me to go back and read previous discussions in AC.  Cheers.

Sorry can't remember previous discussion. However during football season there are usually buses parked along Military Rd for the duration of the game. At least 10 of them. It forces cyclists into the middle or outer of the left lane, in a fairly narrow space between the buses and passing traffic, for approx 500m. There isn't any speed limiting either. IMHO it is a tragedy waiting to happen, and Adelaide Metro should know better. Actually next season I think I'll make a point of photographing it and making a complaint to the police.

Simon, there were at least two discussions on this topic, mine being the second one.

I know that there were some bicycle lanes along Military Road and lengths increased just in time for a visiting international professional cyclist to gain a better impression of the cycling infrastructure provided for local cyclists. (Yes, Lance, TDU and state govt sponsorship.)

So Simon, where you are referring to on Military Road, are there bicycle lanes that buses parked in while bicycle lanes are 'operational'?

They are buse drivers and can do what they like - didn't you know that?


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