The Council Meeting last week tabled a large report.  You can find it here

under 24th October.  I'ts about 57MB for all the minutes in one file.

The outcome from the minutes is

Bicycle Strategy Review and Recommendations (Strategic) (14.11)

Motion C11462
1. That the Report be received.


2. That Council’s current Bicycle Strategy is discontinued and that cycling goals and targets are instead integrated and absorbed into other suitable strategies and plans, acknowledging that:

  1. 2.1  New plans and strategies which are developed should aim to include cycling objectives, as appropriate; and

  2. 2.2  Existing plans and strategies should, in line with their respective review periods, be amended to incorporate cycling objectives where appropriate. 

I wonder if I can get a discount on my December rates payment ? 

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Not being informed (or being misinformed) is probably where the logic is, coupled with anti-change attitudes that seem to be prevalent in some parts of this city. My own experience with friends, family and work colleagues is that they still don't see cycling as anything other than a sport or hobby. People like me who commute by bike are an oddity.

They also don't see why it's part of the solution to congestion, pollution, obesity etc. They still have the 1950's logic that you need to have a car to get to work, go to the shops etc. Many can't comprehend that it's possible to ride in normal clothes over short distances and not get all sweaty. Or how easy it easy to bring clothes and shower at the other end.

One thing I notice when in a car with many of them, is that they will notice all the roadies in Lycra, but do not see any of the other people on bikes, unless they do something stupid. 

I wonder if mimicking some cities who close off big parts of the to motor traffic for a whole day/ weekend might help start changing some attitudes?


"I wonder if mimicking some cities who close off big parts of the to motor traffic for a whole day/ weekend might help start changing some attitudes?"

No! Belgium has a car-free (or car-less) day, normally a Sunday, just so it doesn't get in the way of 'normal' activity. It does bring out masses of people on their bikes, and most of them will get back in their car on Monday (or drive their bike on the back of the car to a special event on car-free Sunday).

To many it doesn't change attitudes, for the same reasons most Australians would use; too far to commute by bike, the weather, sweat, no end of trip facilities, have to pass by the shop, pick up the kids, etc. I know people, who will happily get on a bike sometimes for recreation or even to cycle down to the local shop. But for the rest only really see cyclists as lycra roadies and complain about everything they might or might not do wrong.

But perhaps it's a suggestion that Adelaide Cyclists as a body should take to the ACC and start a revolution in Australia, an annual weekend of no cars in ACC. Perhaps link it to a retail event or something (I think I've previously mentioned Belgium has a "Cycle to the Shops" week).

Heather, BikeSA,...?

PS: First Fleurieu Fondo Festival on this weekend

Some need education by people who do not own cars ... or think about historic Burnside before cars were invented.

It's interesting living on Beulah Road how on a nice spring / summer day I always see at least a couple of people parking a car with a bike on it and getting off and cycling towards the CBD.  I guess they get some exercise without too much effort, save on car parking in the CBD and avoid the last really congested 5 km along Magill Road.  So cycling and cars can go together !

I'm not sure if that's a rhetorical question, but their (silly) reasons are referenced in the post I made on the previous page. (And can be read in detail at the link I gave).

Someone suggested forming a Burnside BUG. I do not live there.
I know of two active AC members from the area: Michael and Ross.
I searched Burnside under members, and 1 inactive member. Members tend to state Adelaide (Greater Metro) rather than specific suburb. Plus 2 past Burnside council candidates who have not posted for ages.

In 2010 Philip Hopkins was candidate for Burnside, but not currently on council
"I have been commuting as a cyclist since the mid eighties ... There needs to be more dedicated traffic lanes for cyclists and dedicated paths in recreational spaces."

In 2010 Gail Hislop was candidate for Burnside Council but not currently on council.
"... As a recreational bike rider I appreciate how important bike lanes are. Investing in bike lanes enhances our ability to ride in the street. I am keen to see more resources are made available to allow cyclists to ride safely on our roads."

Could a Burnside resident ask if they would like to run again?

Current Burnside Council members.


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