The Council Meeting last week tabled a large report.  You can find it here

under 24th October.  I'ts about 57MB for all the minutes in one file.

The outcome from the minutes is

Bicycle Strategy Review and Recommendations (Strategic) (14.11)

Motion C11462
1. That the Report be received.


2. That Council’s current Bicycle Strategy is discontinued and that cycling goals and targets are instead integrated and absorbed into other suitable strategies and plans, acknowledging that:

  1. 2.1  New plans and strategies which are developed should aim to include cycling objectives, as appropriate; and

  2. 2.2  Existing plans and strategies should, in line with their respective review periods, be amended to incorporate cycling objectives where appropriate. 

I wonder if I can get a discount on my December rates payment ? 

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How many burnside residents do we have here? Very low voter turnout for LGA elections, maybe we have enough including friends and relatives to get one person elected? Not enough to sway the voting in the future, but might help to have one friendly person on board?

Think I might start nagging my local councillor

Added the info to the next BUG Enews.
I forward the newsletter to at least 55 local govt elected members, but none in Burnside.

Dang it - I'm a Burnside resident - I want cycling a focus not a side note!

Ross did you get anything from them about this ?  I'm on various email lists from Burnside but I don't recall anything. 

No, but then I am not on any email lists..

I do not live in the area. Did not attend the council meeting where councillor discussions can be more interesting than the sanitised minutes. Also did not download the large council file.
The council minute extracts are ambiguous. A media article is more blunt.

Burnside Council dumps bikeway CBD scheme
By Dan Jervis-Bardy
Published in Eastern Courier Messenger of 30-Oct-2017
A cycling plan designed to get cars off the road, reduce accidents and encourage children to ride to schools across Burnside has been scrapped – because it failed to meet any of those targets.
Burnside Council last week voted unanimously to slam the brakes on the bike plan it endorsed five years ago.
The council is blaming plummeting participation rates, community opposition to separated bikeways and the “reality” that cycling is dangerous.
... Cr Peter Ford, who led calls for the plan to be scrapped, said the strategy’s failure was a reflection of the “unfortunate reality” of cycling in Adelaide.
Cr Di Wilkins was “absolutely delighted” the vision had been dumped.
But Bicycle Institute of SA chair Fay Patterson – whose firm Hub Traffic and Transport created Burnside’s cycling strategy – said the council’s decision was “very, very disappointing”.
Bike SA chief executive Christian Haag said the council was failing its resident by scrapping the cycling plan. ...

Well we know who to target at the next elections.

Neither in my ward unfortunately. I'm Kensington Gardens & Magill Ward. Going to try contact Cr Henry Davis and see if I can get some more information- he was reported recently to be causing a bit of ruckus trying to get the corruption report made public or something like that. Worth a try.

Ross, look closely at the media item and council "voted unanimously".

This is like reading a Monty Python sketch. Ay ay sir.

What 3rd world country are we talking about? I know it is not fair to compare a suburb of a large country town to a city but here is an example of a suburb to Copenhagen which is predominantly voting lower tax, more cars etc. and still they are light years ahead of the stuff that Burnside Council comes up with. (run it past to get it in English).

Can you imagine an authority building a vehicle expressway only 1 km long ... then saying that it failed to attract more cars, so not building more expressways ...
Burnside Council does not complete its planned bicycle network, then uses excuse of failure to cancel plans.

Exactly Heather - what a bunch of tossers!


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