I got my jersey and rider pack today.  

Where does the middle sticker go?

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you have two stickers 1 for the stem / head tube 1 for the helmet

There is 4 stickers supplied.  I've done the seat post, helmet, front of stem on frame (headtube).

There's still one left. 

I have assumed (always dangerous) that one goes on the back of the jersey.

The last sticker goes on your knicks...

Before you put your knicks on, stick the sticker on the outside of the knicks, in the midddle top of the front.

Once you have your knicks on, check that you can still see the sticker.  If you can't see the sticker then you have your knicks on inside out!


Looking fwd to hearing Pat tell you exactly where to stick your sticker.

so wait... where? I was thinking of putting mine on the back of my jersy around the pocket area?? doesn't look like its meant to go there though. It's a bit small...


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