How was the ride today for all that participated in todays event?

Tell us about your day.


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Has anybody had any success with this? Initially it identified 4 photos for me of which 2 weren't. 2 in the Barossa 2 at the finish. I then used the find more option using colours rather than the rider number and I just got an endless procession of all sorts of photos out in the Barossa. As a test I then made up a rider using black bike, helmet, top and gloves. Another endless procession still in the Barossa but the first photo was a guy in white top, red helmet, red bike and probably red gloves. Send off an email and get a response where a tech guy has identified a few more pics of me and added them to my "wallet" with no info how to get too them still in the Barossa section. I know Epsom Road took pics at the KOM and Stockwell with the lovely devil lady but I saw photographers at other locations including Springton.

I type in my mates number he appears to have some at Springton or Eden valley not sure but I can find no way to even get to photos at this location because you appear to have to scroll through all the pics. If there are 7000 pics at each location that will take forever.

Anybody found a better way?

P.S. from what I have seen so far Epsom road pics are much better


Pat as it happens my experience is that there is no residue but I understand your point. I got a brilliant photo last year of me and my mate crossing the finish line which was a definite keeper and it's been my screensaver for the last 12 months. This year the shots at the finish line are crap. Fortunately this year we stopped at Stockwell to idly pass the time of day with the Devil from Epsom Road Studios (absolutely smashing bird) and I have my new screensaver on order.

Scott (below) odds are at each of the photo points there are a lot more than just a couple of shots. My main complaint is that if you search for any more you can't just go to Springton you have to scroll through everything else first in whatever order they have stored them.

One tip is if you use the colour detector don't put in you had a blue top. I thought the software combined the info Orange helmet Blue Top White Bike and Green gloves etc but it appears to find every orange helmet and every white bike etc so if you put blue top you get 6500 pics approx. As a test I just put in pink bike and that came up with a very small selection.

you did great,next stop london - hastings !!!

really when is it?

There are a total of 9 photos of me that they identified. I can't tell if I am in the three wide ones at the finish line, the tighter one near the town arch is me. There is also one of me about to turn left (signalling) into Stockwell Road, two somewhere between Eden Valley and Angaston I think, and by far the best pair are taken less than a second apart at either Springton or Eden Valley I think (hotel with a red roof in the background, photo prefix is TDWB).

My wife was at the finish with her camera, but even though I stopped to phone her at the Angaston Refreshment point, she didn't get a photo with me in it either :-(

Re the pub with the red roof, I wasn't sure where it was either so I checked it on streetview on Google Maps and it was definitely Springton. For me it was also the best shot of the day.

With the Marathon site, it's a shame they don't identify the location of the photos. Nor can you search by location and time period, like you can with Epson Road Studios.

I found mine using my ride number.

Only picked up 3 wide shots at finish line. Can't even tell who's in the pics, video shows people riding through but no idea who they are. Last two years were far superior.

How many Sparty and how many different locations. I wanted to see mine at Springton. I know they are there as my mate riding alongside me has shots at Springton under his number. So I put in white bike and orange helmet and 45 minutes later I was still scrolling and still had not got anywhere near shots at Springton. Gave it up as a joke. Epsom Road pics much better.

8 photos plus video at finish but I haven't bought them yet!


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