How was the ride today for all that participated in todays event?

Tell us about your day.


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other riders seemed more courteous this year

reading the comments above obvious how a large group will give a variety of experiences- mathematically a Normal Distribution curve viz 5% idiots, 90%normal, 5% angels.

A drink at the end would have been a nice touch, the wet towel's were great.

Very disappointed re M Turturs comment in Saturdays Advertiser saying 2 and half lanes was provided for the racers. There were parked cars near the end of the race, racing cyclist obviously take up every cm of available tarmac & IMHO bad infrastructure planning was a substantial contributor to the crash's near the end of the race.

Channel 9 coverage "The breakaway has picked up the pace", I suspect the descent into Springton may have helped!!!

had a great day in the saddle. rode the full distance in 5 hrs . i'm no athlete but was extremely surprised to see so many people on top of the range carbon bikes,walking them up the hills,not even 15 kms from modbury. how little training must they have put in or is it a case of million dollar bikes but 2 dollar legs

Some people are very wealthy. I thank them for choosing such nice bikes and absorbing that initial heart breaking depreciation. Those bikes doubtless will soon will be 2nd hand in the hands of poorer / younger but appreciative riders

+1... :^)

hehe, +1

Great ride after Rosie and I had dinner with fellow AC member Michael Fraser and his Wife Cathy. We also spent 2 wonderful nights at the Novotel Barossa.

I was riding for a reason and had a yellow armband with my Sister in Law's name on it (who died of cancer in 2007). As I was riding towards the  finish line in Tanunda I kept pointing to her name and then pointing to Heaven, every time I did it the crowd clapped and cheered louder as they understood what I was doing. It was a very emotional moment for me and caused me to break down in tears (not normal for me).

I did the full 127km yesterday in just under 5 hours which I was pretty happy with. Generally the behaviour was pretty good, but as always there are some that give cycling a bad name. I saw one guy take himself out straight after cutting in front of me by trying to squeeze through a spot that simply wasn't there. Luckily the guy he hit managed to stay upright.

I also saw a few guys riding on the wrong side of the road on blind corners potentially in the path of oncoming traffic. I think sometimes that people forget that the road is open as they couldn't really be that dumb otherwise, could they?

I don't know how to fix the problem but there were obviously a lot of people who got away from Modbury at the front of the bunch who should not have been there as they were pushing their bikes up the relatively small hills only a few kms from the start. A couple of tips for them - having the flashest carbon bike doesn't mean you can ride, and if you are training in the lead up to the event maybe take a few hills in on the way. If you haven't done the work then please be fair on everyone and start at the back.

Anyway, overall it was a good event, well managed by the police. The guy with the oversize EPO syringe and the Red Devil were definite highlights as well as all the folk who lend their support on the way. Great stuff

The guy with the oversize EPO at One tree Hill didn't know what to do when I yelled out that of course I 'was' on drugs...Chemo drugs:) that shut him up for 5 seconds:) LOL
I remember the Angel-Devil from Menglers Hill last year, walked my bike up Mengler's last year, was very happy to complete the 127 without unclipping except for food and a pee at MtPleasant:)  Just finishing the 127 was an achievement for me and I won't let a couple of boneheads acting the fool(breaking the law. Piss on my parade - I had a great day out:))

Well done mate. Great effort. I was happy that the KOM wasn't brutal this year. I managed to do the course without getting my barge arse out of the saddle. I was happy with that! At 50 years old, it doesn't get easier!

Andre Greipel loved that course too:)))

up at 4am and off to the kersbrook start to meet up with kim. was a good ride with lots of tail winds and i finished in 3h 10m riding time.Was amazed again at how many riders without entry tags rode through the finish arch,if you dont pay then dont ride through the finish.I have ridden them all except last year due to back problems and although i have seen some stupid riding for the most its pretty good.If your an experienced rider then you have to look out for the newbies and give them space,we all started somewhere and all rode in a big group for the 1st time,you cant stop the d---heads who think they own the road,just avoid them and enjoy your ride.

First timer, over from WA,

Well organised, I enjoyed it but wouldn't do it again.

Riding etiquette and awareness were staggeringly poor. I spent the whole day asking people to move left.

I agree that the more experienced riders should help the novices and give them space....I'd rather that the majority of that happened in the training rides though, as careful as you are the whole group are relying on everybody being aware, riding consistently and holding a line.

Saw at least three ambulance cases, including the police motorbike. Hope they all recover well.

Good effort from everybody that participated but afraid riding with so many people is just too risky for my liking.


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