How was the ride today for all that participated in todays event?

Tell us about your day.


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I did hear there was an accident in the forst 10km or so with a "Martin" coming in contact with a police motorbike + his friend "Michael" who came to visit his concussed friend in hospital. hopefully everyone is all ok and safe!

Yeah I saw a couple of accidents. One at the bottom of the KOM and one near the start. After I was picked up by the broom wagon, we came across another guy whose friend was taken to hospital after his shoe unclipped accidentally. Another guy who joined the wagon had someone cut across his line and caught his wheel which took him out. And to the idiot who stopped in the middle of the road of the KOM and almost caused an accident... you're an idiot.

yeh, the accident i heard about was not long after the start of the ride, shame about your bike mate :(

Nice having the wind in the back for most off the 2nd part, with a gradual descent as well.

Saw the usual things - people not keeping left forcing you to overtake on the wrong side of the road people stopping or slowing to a crawl without warning in the middle of an ascent or fast descent. However less so than previous years.

Apart from the food stop at Williamstown was there any other stops later on with food? Sustenance was worse than last year from what I saw.

+1 especially for the not keeping left part. Overheard a guy at the pub complaining about people overtaking on the wrong side of the road and referring to anyone making a fast descent as "an idiot". Of course both the the fast descents and the overtaking would be perfectly safe if other "idiots" KEPT LEFT.



I think next year I'll try to get to the front. Apparently a lot of 'unfit' people can average 30kph through the hills.


Unfortunately I came to grief but fortunately didn't get hurt.

Just out of Williamstown, somehow my rear derailleur got caught in my wheel and ripped the dropout off the frame and destroyed the rear derailleur and cable. My bike is insured but the 50km trip was not what I had in mind, nor now dealing with trying to get a new bike. Luckily it happened on a crescent and not a downhill as I went into a skid of sorts. I really loved this bike :(

wow! my sympathies to you

Sorry to hear mate. I know how that feels except with me it didnt damage my frame thankfully. Hope your insurance is speedy. Glad your ok.


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