Thought I'd post this since Australia always seems much more obsessed with copying American infrastructure than European, so to avoid waiting 20-40 years here it is:

IMHO (having grown up in Denmark and lived in Adelaide for a number of years) this section is the most important:

"Separated bike facilities

  • The degree to which bikes are separated from cars correlates with high levels of women cycling.
  • The US cities with highest levels of cycling also have the most availability of separated bikeways, also bike facilities on bridges.
  • *** Without extensive networks of separated bikeways, we’ll be stuck with low levels of bicycle usage."

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Savvas, Australia and its states managed to pass Disability Discrimination Acts over the last 20 years. So governments recognised some protection for the vulnerable, but not for cyclists. There is even legislation for protection of minority groups, but not for cyclists. The comments approved at the end of some online media cycling stories would be actionable under law, if the group was something other than cyclists. There is legislation about inciting others to commit an offence or assault another person, but in Australia a media celebrity can with immunity publicly state that they want to use their vehicle to hit a cyclist.

Shane, don't you recall a certain comedian (?) Magda on Channel 10's Good News Week (or similar title). I wrote to channel 10 adding that I did not find it funny after 3 cycling friends killed by negligent drivers. Their response indicated that they 'did not get it' -- wrote that I did not have a sense of humour. I have not watched the show since and now rarely watch ch 10.

it's a matter of who will prosecute them for doing so
Judging from the above incident, plus some hate comments after online media cycling stories, no Australian authority prosecutes. At times cannot even get authorities to take action after a cyclist hit, injured or killed. An example in Victoria where a driver doored a cyclist who went under a truck and killed. The driver was not even charged with a relatively minor offence of opening car door on road user.


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