Anyone aware of a place that is showing the Giro stages live ? I'm looking for a place to meet-up with a few people to watch the more exciting stages (Stelvio etc.) I know it's broadcast on SBS but looking for a social place to meet and have a few drinks while watching the stages.

Due to the late finish most of the pubs are out - I thought about the Casino but couldn't get a hold of anyone that knew what was on their Sports Bar screen (probably not their demographic anyway).

I know it's a tough call - I don't expect that it's a money spinner for a bar to show cycling coverage at 1:30 in the morning but thought I'd ask.

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Didn't red berry espresso do something for the Tour De France?

I think last year there might have been something at Whippets?

Just an update - a few of us are going to the Rosemont Hotel on Hindley St on Tues 27th of May to watch Stage 16 - which include the Gavia and Stelvio ascents. They have a late night trading license and have promised to put the Giro on around 10pm. All welcome ..


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