The new Brighton Road bike lanes have been painted and today I noticed some of the new signs were being erected advising that the lanes were active between 4pm and 7pm heading south.

Hopefully this will get some of the cars off the road and into the mostly empty car parks.

Will be interesting to see how it goes where the road is narrow out front of the Brighton fitness centre going south. That is where most of the gym people park instead of the car park or the side street.
You can't walk too far when you are going to a gym now can you !!!!

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Great about the bike lanes, and operational for more than usual 90 minutes per weekday.

The people who drive to a gym! After a few weeks, contact the local council about parking in the bike lane. Add a non-cycling spin of raising $300 per inconsiderate driver.

I tried the bike lane out yesterday on the way home, heading south. There was a lot of rubbish in the lane due to the strong winds last Monday. The surface is quite patchy and rough in parts. The trucks hugged the white line on the up hill climb towards Clubhouse road, so even though its a bike lane you still need to keep close to the curb. I noted that the cars started backing up around the the new pedestrian crossing while I was able to zoom through. It took them till Seacombe road to catch unto me.

My ride home is more relaxed so I think I will keep to King George or the sea front. But I quite like the ride north in the mornings though I noticed the width of the bike lane is narrower coming up to Sturt Road. Will be glad when the signs go in so I don't have to go around the parked cars.

The operational times of the bike lanes are quite unusual, its more like clearway times. Is it a cheap way for Holdfast Bay council to keep the roads clear and make some money on the side for non conformers?

I wonder if the council is actually going to enforce this bike lane. Just now I have had to move out into insane peak hour traffic due to a car parked in the bike lane outside Eblen Subaru, followed by another car parked in the lane not 50 metres down the road. Too late to call council now, of course, but they will be getting a call on Monday.

Counted seven cars in the active southbound bike lane between Diagonal and Sturt Rds on Wed evening.
I am guessing that there will be a quite a few more around the gym a bit further along where they always park as they don't seem to like walking too far !!!!!

Looking like a waste of paint and signs at the moment unfortunately, might take time and a few fines but the council people are on the way home when it happens.

I will call them too Brad (expect the usual response though "can you put it in a letter or email and address it to the ... dept") !

Record details like date & time, exact location, vehicle rego & description, vague description of any vehicle occupants. Then immediately contact council. Keep your records. When you have several records, but still no solution, then make your complaint more official via council and police. SAPOL can ticket vehicles parked in bicycle lanes, although some officers will fib.

Maybe instead of counting the cars parked in it, you should count the cyclists that are using it. In my opinion it is an absolute waste of time creating it, as there is a perfectly good( and a darn sight safer route) along King George ave through to Glenelg). Seem like its just another excuse for the anti cycling brigade to have a go at us again.

I wouldn't ride down Brighton road if there were no cars on it. too much debris, puncture blackspot.  

I somewhat agree with you Mike, but I live off the Eastern side of Brighton Road. I use King George Ave as much as I can. However, in most cases it's impossible for me to get to where I need to go to without using a stretch of either Brighton Road, or the footpath, which we all know is illegal and another trigger for anti cycling hysteria. I also feel that if the council has developed this "facility" for cycling then they should be compelled to enforce it, which theoretically should enable more cyclists to use the road safely. I know the surface is ugly and the traffic can be dangerous, but if more cyclists are using it, perhaps motorists will become accustomed to the presence of other road users and react accordingly. Perhaps not. I don't know, but I think it's worth a shot.

I have noticed over the years the build up of traffic using Brighton Road and have seen the difficulty busses have in trying to negotiate the cars parked on the side. Like most of our main roads they do operate as clearways either in the morning or in the afternoon. So it is inevitable that Brighton Rd operate as a clearway during busy times. Even if it is enforced by bike lanes rather than designated clearways. It is my preferred route on the way to work. I used to use Marion Rd but with the closure of Majors Rd during the expressway duplication I got into the habit of using Brighton Rd. It seems to be a lot quicker than using Marion, not so may stops for lights. I must agree with you Mike regarding the amount of debris on the road, it is appalling. The run home along King George or the beach front is a lot less stressful than using Brighton Rd. The operating times for the bike lanes are a lot longer that any other bike lanes I've come across except for the 3 hours on Adams Rd near me which operate from 3pm to 6pm. Even Anzac Hwy only operates as a bike lane from 7.30am to 9am in the mornings. Who makes up the times for bikes lanes?

Brighton Rd probably has more off road car parks than most roads, unfortunately there is still this carry over mindset that main roads are also car parks. We are way behind the rest of the world on that idea.
This link will show example pics in a previous discussion of how its done elsewhere, in a lot of cases two lanes being made into one free flowing lane which is probably what should happen on Unley 'Street' and other similiar busy roads.
The bike lanes in the pics on the link are 24/7 and no parking allowed.
Link - Previous discussion from 2012

Below is a pic as an example of Brighton Rd, note the two cars parked outside the chemist while there is more than adequate parking being supplied (and paid for) by the retailers.
I guess the ironic bit is that the very motorists who complain about bikes in "their" lane are the very same ones who park in bike lanes.

We need a whole new approach to how busy arterial roads should be used to accomodate increasing traffic, painting white lines and putting up signs that nobody takes any notice of is not achieving anything.

I don't know if you noticed the north bound bike lane signs when they first went in. The operating times where 7am to 9am & 4pm to 6pm. When I rode along there on friday the signs where changed to match the south bound lane 4pm to 7pm.

Must say I had a better ride north on friday only one car just down from the IGA and the usual 7 or so cars just after Diagonal Rd intersection. These one make me particularly nervous.

I don't understand why the bike lane on King George Ave only operates for an hour a day each way when it is such a popular cycling route. I should be a permanent bike lane 24/7. 


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