Those that use the Linear Park bicycle path west of Hackney Rd, will have noticed the bridge across the river has been blocked this past week for repairs.  Just to update you on the status, I spoke to the workmen there today and they said it will be blocked for at least another week.

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bugger. Guess we have to get used to using the road bit there past the caravan park again for a little bit.

Looks like the bridge is open for business. With the amount of time it was out of action I thought it was being re-designed to remove the hazardous approaches at both ends.

At first glance it appears they've outlined where you're likely to slip with yellow paint and covered the wooden slats with some sort of bituminous material, which I hope is of a non-slip variety.


Took a long time to do not very much. Hopefully it is better than it was before, have to wait for the rain to find out. From someone who has tasted wood on a wet morning let's hope they do something to improve the grip on all of the wooden bridges.

Not sure what was wrong in the first place or why they had those 2 cones on the bridge you had to ride through before they did the big fix.   Definitely could do with some non slip on other wooden surfaces along the path.  When it is wet, I have lost control just touching my brakes when doing walking pace on the ramp that leads down to this bridge.

From someone who has tasted wood on a wet morning

I have never ridden on wooden bridges in the rain.  Do they become slippery?  I am guessing so from people's comments here.  Being new to road riding, I have been told to watch out for wet train tracks and only ever to cross them at a 90 degree angle, and white lines on the road.  Now I guess I must add, wet wooden bridges?

Wooden bridges like this are particularly slippery especially if you are riding road bike.  It does not help that you need to do a sharp turn onto the bridge.  I am very wary about riding in the wet on the road bike as it is very easy to loose traction and unlike bikes with broader tires, there is no warning and opportunity to correct; the bike just slips out from under you and next thing you know you are on the ground.

When they are wet they are like grease, need to be very very careful.

I had a closer look this morning and I think the bituminous coating is basically just a preservative for the planking.

The only problem I could see before was that one or two of the planks were starting to lift, possibly due to warping.

Of course the other problem was the slippery nature of the surface and approaches which I don't think they've really addressed at all.





Need i say more!

All that extra grip to help the leaves stick to it


That looks like it could turn into slimy soup!

Oh I HATE that bridge! On my first ride to work I took the corner (at the bottom of the photo) a bit too fast and nearly stacked it into the river! Scared the crap out of me! Since then the bridge makes me nervous and I go sooooo slowly


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