Over the years, Prospect Council has organised multiple traffic studies of Braund Road, which indicate excess traffic speeds, volumes and crashes. Now the state govt has offered funds to traffic calm this bikedirect route to become the Prospect Bike Boulevard. Public submissions close on Friday 11-Sep-2015. Please let DPTI know that you support cycling infrastructure and this project.

Below is info from DPTI and its three links.

If you want more info, an attached file with safety arguments and recent traffic studies. Vehicles exceeding the speed limit 16% to 45%, depending on which site. A long residential street, close to the CBD, and between arterial roads Prospect and Churchill, so attracts speeding rat-runners.

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Prospect Bike Boulevard
Extract from DPTI post of Aug-2015

The Prospect Bicycle Boulevard project is investigating improvements along Braund Road in Fitzroy and Prospect. Community consultation on the preferred option is open until Friday 11-Sep-2015.
The preferred option proposes:
– Installing a series of raised intersection platforms along Braund Road where the road is too narrow to install bicycle lanes. The raised intersections will address both right-angle crashes at these locations as well as motor vehicle speeds along the length of the road.
– Installing pavement markings known as ‘sharrows’ along Braund Road, Beatrice Street, Connaught Street, Albert Street, William Street, Redin Street and Miller Street to Regency Road, to encourage people to cycle where they are more visible and less at risk of being hit by an opening car door.
– Installing a new raised median refuge for cyclists to safely cross Regency Road at the junction with Miller Street.
– Installing new directional signage along the route to improve route marking and provide distance and cycling time to popular destinations.
– The existing bicycle lanes on Braund Road between Fitzroy Terrace and Clifton Street will remain.

The Project Stakeholder Reference Group considered a number of potential traffic calming devices to address two safety issues – speeding and right-angle crashes at intersections – as well as to provide a safer environment for walking and cycling.
The installation of raised intersection platforms is not expected to affect the number of motor vehicles using Braund Road.
Sharrows highlight the presence of people cycling and remind everyone to share the road safely. They do not designate a particular part of the street for the exclusive use of people riding bicycles. Sharrows do not affect parking or vehicle access.

For info, refer to the concept plan at
and fact sheet at

For more info or to provide written comments, please contact the Community Relations Team.
email: dpti.communityrelations@sa.gov.au
phone: 1300 794 880
mail: DPTI, Bicycle Boulevard Project, PO Box 1533, Adelaide SA 5001

Second community consultation by DPTI closes 20-Nov-2015.

Community consultation on the preferred option was undertaken in Sep-2015. After considering the feedback received, DPTI produced a concept design for further consultation. Feedback on the concept design may be made until 20-Nov-2015. Email re Bicycle Boulevard Project at dpti.communityrelations@sa.gov.au
Info and links to plans at

Pending Prospect Council discussion 24-Nov-2015.

Tuesday 24-Nov-2015 Braund Road / Prospect Boulevard discussion scheduled for Prospect Council Meeting starting at 7.00pm. Venue 128 Prospect Road, enter from rear / western doors. Expect DPTI engineers to attend. Find council agendas and minutes at


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