Tuesday 10-Feb-2015 6.15pm Prospect Council workshop to include Braund Road bicycle boulevard discussion.
Civic Centre, 128 Prospect Road, Prospect, between bus stops 11 and 12. Enter through rear / western door.
Best to attend in person to make your interest obvious to councillors.
Option to request an invite to attend virtually. http://www.prospect.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1342

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The following from a Prospect Council agenda.

Workshop Program, Tuesday 10-Feb-2015 commencing at the conclusion of the Special Council Meeting (which starts at 6.15pm to discuss Memorial Gardens Playspace Consultation)
Reception Room, Civic Centre, 128 Prospect Road, Prospect SA 5082 (enter from rear / western door)

Workshop Item 1 Braund Road Boulevard
Responsible Director: Greg Georgopoulos
Expected Duration: 45 minutes
Presented by: Colin Maher, DPTI

This workshop item involves a presentation on the proposed concept design for the Braund Road Bike Boulevard that has been reached through collaboration with the Stakeholder Reference Group. Multiple options have been considered through the design process; however the design team is seeking Council endorsement to proceed to public consultation with a single preferred option that consists of raised plateaus at key intersections on Braund Road.

The design team is also recommending that the preferred option include restricting right turns out of Braund Road at Fitzroy Terrace.

An alternative design has also been considered that includes raised intersection and mini-roundabouts as a secondary option for consultation. However this is not a preferred option, and the design team will be guided by Council as to whether this is also presented to the community as part of the consultation process.

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Extract from minutes of Prospect Council workshop held on 10-Feb-2015.

Braund Road boulevard
Anders Bogdanowicz, Environment & Transport Engineer introduced Colin Maher, Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure and Paul Simmons from Tonkin’s Consulting.
Paul Simmons provided some background information on the project:
-- Project was introduced in Jun-2014
-- $400k from the Department of Road Safety Fund
-- Main aim of project is to reduce casualty crashes and encourage bicycle use on Braund Road taking them away from the main arterial roads
Aim of workshop was to discuss the preferred design option and seek endorsement for community consultation.
Preferred design option includes:
-- Restricting right hand turns out of Braund Road onto Fitzroy Terrace [most crashes although less popular manoeuvre]
-- Raised plateau’s at intersections
-- Bike sharrows to be painted on road
-- Signage
Questions raised by Elected Members were addressed included:
-- Clarification on average speed data
-- Confirmation that the speed limit would remain at 40kmph
-- Time frame for completion
Potential discussion with regard to working with Prospect Primary School on behavioural program and street art.
Time line:
-- Endorsement by Council of preferred options for community consultation
-- Letter to residents and schools
-- Month long comment period
-- Revise design based on feedback
Suggestions made by Elected Members:
-- Consideration made for using advance warning signage
-- Consultation area to include roads/streets that may be affected by an increase in traffic
-- Child care centres to be included in the consultation to capture non residents
A report seeking Council’s endorsement of the preferred design options and consultation process will be presented to the February Council Meeting.


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