Bombers flying under the radar - fragged by own weapons

This headline in today's paper made me smile. Those who though performance enhancing drugs are something that only cyclists take have just had a long overdue wake up call.

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AFL is clean as a whistle. Its them cyclists you have to watch for. Besides, steroids don't actually work cos they are synthetic and you can tell if people take em coz they are 120kg at 4% body fat. Those AFL players don't look like druggies. Ben Cousins was an exception and nobody looked up to him anyways from that demographic.

So what else is new ?

And it's not just footy !


It appears that Pandora's box has been opened. I watched the end of the ABC News tonight and they didn't mention it in the sports segment. Watching what is reported and by whom will be interesting. 

The story is much bigger thsn just reporting in the sports report. It's Australian sport's darkest day and the news fill the first quarter of the actual news. The sports news will be filled with little league reports from now on because they're the only clean ones playing actual sport.

Those little leaguers.... are you sure Gus?  Are you *really* sure?

Those little kids are all on the juice. You see it all the time!

These kids are on the hard stuff... Pop Tops!

Or Apple.  Maybe a touch of paracetamol.  They dose up with anything ! Sometimes it's Just Juice.

And the pushers -- you see them hanging around with pushers all the time.

..and you should see what the overseas papers are saying.


Australia, the nation known for everywhere for sport being the national religion, sun, and fairness....   - now they're calling us  "the new East Germany".


I blame Lance Armstrong, he was over here that often...



I was just saying this to friends, so refreshing to cycling out of the drugs spotlight. I've just arrived in Australia so do t have any friends who are I to football, but how much are you all going to enjoy telling fiends "it's not just cycling"

When the fuss about cyclists, I thought that omitting pro footballers. Seemed to me too easy to pick on cyclists. I am not condoning drugs.

Supplements are 'Russian roulette' for athletes

Kevin Naughton

Published in Indaily of Thursday 7-Feb-2013 on page 1.

Athletes who use supplements to improve performance may be kidding themselves and risking their health, an Adelaide sports physician says.

The warning comes as AFL players admit to buying supplements online and a crisis engulfs the Essendon Football Club with further reports today that a convicted drug trafficker supplied the club with supplements sourced from Asia.

In other developments today, a year-long government investigation has found widespread use of banned drugs in Australian professional sport and links with organised crime.

Supplements are pretty widespread in all sports as they look to get an edge,” SA Sport Medicine Centre’s Dr Terry Farquharson told Indaily.

The problem is whether they work and secondly, if they contain contaminants.

We don’t know if they work.

We can’t be sure what’s in them.’

Farquharson, a qualified pharmacist and consultant to the South Australian Redbacks cricket side, said contaminants in nutritional supplements are common – especially in unregulated purchases.

The contaminants range from chemicals with anabolic compounds such as testosterone derivatives to nandrolone and amphetamine-based stimulants.

These are all chemicals that are banned under World Anti-Doping Authority guidelines.

The contamination can occur as a deliberate manufacturing decision, or more likely as a non-deliberate occurrence where a laboratory is making a range of products in the same area.

I’ve seen credible reports that show that even in highly regulated reputable countries, the rate of contamination average 15 per cent.

On that basis, it’s fair to say that an athlete that takes these supplements is playing Russian roulette.

We get quite worried when players use supplements.

The supplements have been around for a while, but their use is growing as the products are heavily promoted.”

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